01 October 2011

The last pictures from September in the South.

We went for a long walk in the woods yesterday.
The last day of September.
The lighting is just right,
it seems to suit my wistful mood.
I am so glad to see fall arriving,
the temperatures are just right,
but I will miss the green.
A few leaves have fallen on the water, 
but you can still see the reflection of green from above.
Summer is reluctant to leave,
I think she likes it here. 
A typical back road.
This is one of our walking roads, quite close to the house.
I wonder who else has used this road,
did it play a part in history?
So peaceful now.
See the red dirt on the hillside?
The bricks used to in building our foundation, fireplaces and chimneys
were made on site from the local clay. 
We stopped to take these pretty sunset skies when we were on the way home from the grocery store a few days ago. I love the pink!
If, however, you want to see some truly beautiful sunset shots,
Hers took my breath away. 
The local dogwoods are starting to look quite festive.
Ever the proud fashionistas, they are the first to turn in the fall.
They will be one of the first to turn green in the spring.
can you see the little red berries too?
The woods will be full of color soon,
this is our season preview. 
Unfortunately, this lovely Oak tree is not changing for fall,
It is dying. There are some green branches, but most are gone.
This one is right by the house, 
I hope we don't lose the others too.  
Earlier this week, I was walking back from the mail box,
thinking to myself, about the woes of the world,
and this lovely soul flew right past my nose.
It got my attention, then posed for it's picture,
pretty as you please.
It is dressed in seasonal colors too! 
One blogging friend looked at the tarantula, toad and lizard pictures I posted recently,
and asked if I lived near a swamp. 
Nope, I don't, I do however live in a national forest. 
Our nearest neighbors, are the wild things that share the woods with us.
So, when I say some of my neighbors are Turkeys,
I am not being unkind. 
I took this one through the window on the back door,
There were six in the flock, I got four in this picture. 
I got a little closer for this one, but there are only two turkeys in the shot.
They are quite safe from me,
I do enjoy left over turkey sandwiches,
and the Turkey Curry my Sweet Husband makes for me
 These guys don't need to worry though, we prefer store bought turkey,
not as cute, and much less work.
Hope you are having a lovely peaceful weekend.


  1. Such lovely pictures from your walk! Some of them look like they could be from Pennsylvannia! I am sorry to see winter so close but our weather has been so wet I hope it stays dry for the Fall!!

  2. Beautiful pics of the last day of September!! Thanks for sharing! I love the wild turkeys - they are a treasure and it's great to see them roaming wild! Yay for the butterfly and the red soil! Wow!!

    I'm sorry for the oak tree. I hope it's seeded itself for the future! Take care

  3. nice..been seeing quitea few turkeys around here...nicecaptures of that purple sky...60 as the high here today...and loving it..

  4. Those are awesome photos! It is so hard to believe that it is October!

  5. September went by so quickly didn't it? Let's hope October graces us by sticking around for awhile!

    Lovely colors in your photos Kat!

    xo Catherine

  6. Hello, Kat_RN.

    Wonderful Nature!!


  7. What a lovely walk, we've been walking in woods over the weekend too. It's such a shame about the poor oak tree.

  8. Dear Kat, lovely images and narrative. So many lovely thoughts in your words.;)
    I was so intrigued by your recent comment about your fear of flying and how you overcome it.;))
    Enjoy the onset of the fall in your beautiful part of the world.;))


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