30 November 2010

Catching up at kat's corner.

I have some catching up to do.
Kat's corner is changing rapidly with the season now, autumn has arrived.
I am a bit behind with posting pictures so there are extras in this post.
Here is my lovely old antebellum with a serving of autumn leaves on the side.
 Did you have any visitors at thanksgiving? We did.
This guy stopped by for a while.
 This picture shows the smokehouse, the summer kitchen and in the distance, the barn.
The leaves on this tree were just starting to turn in this photo.
They have all changed now.
See the color on the middle tree, looks like gold.
I love that the trees don't all change at the same time.
Another view of the yard.
Everywhere I look it is pretty right now.
 I thought the dogwood was lovely when I posted the earlier photo,
just look at it now.
 This is one of the places we like to walk.
The road runs past our house.
 Along the way, look at all the color.
 On a different note,
we lost an old friend.
About ten days before Thanksgiving, the broiler element burned out,
(literally burned out, I saw flames in the oven for just a second, and I wasn't even the one cooking)
The poor old thing just gave up.
 Ta dah! A new friend has arrived.
It looks like the kitchen got a make over.
I love the big window on the door.
Can it bake a pumpkin pie?
Oh yes, it can, with a little help from my Sweet Hubby.
It bakes it nicely.
As you can see, it did a marvelous job with the turkey too.
Our Thanksgiving dinner was just right.
 These guys came by for a visit too.
I don't know what kind of bird they are but there were a lot of them, just for the one morning.
Just to brag a little on my camera, this photo was taken from about thirty feet away without a tripod.
I use a Fuji Fine pix.
 This silly old thing prefers fish to turkey.
As you can see, she was not left out of the festivities.
I hope you are as content as our silly cat.
November was wonderful,
I'm looking forward to December.

25 November 2010

My list.

I have much to be thankful for this year.
We have dear friends visiting for the holiday, I am thankful they arrived safely.
I am thankful that my Sweet Husband continues to spoil me.
(He is a vegetarian, but he still cooked turkey for us!)
I am thankful in these modern times to have a job.
I am thankful that my job is one I can feel good about doing.
I am thankful for my big lovable extended family.
I am thankful for my friends.
I am thankful for the opportunity to share my world through this blog.
I am thankful to all of you who keep coming back and who make it a conversation.
I am thankful for my health.
I am thankful for all the opportunities I have had this last year.
I am very thankful that my sister Margaret's health is so much better than last year.
I am thankful for this wonderful place where I live.
I am thankful to be loved.

I could go on with this list, but I think you get the point.
I hope your list is as long.
I hope you are as happy and cozy as I am.

21 November 2010

Home Work!

I still have a paper and a slide show to finish this afternoon.
I am sitting in front of the fire
with a lovely cup of tea
while I work on the homework.

I am thankful to be able to do that.
I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year!
I'll post my list
"Things I am thankful for"
Will you?

16 November 2010

Dental appointment today.

Need to have my teeth cleaned,
don't ya think?

10 November 2010

Antebellum Autumn.

Each day here in the old antebellum is a little prettier this time of year.
The sun is shining, but it is cooler.
My leaves are slowly turning.
 The early morning light shows off our house nicely.
 This side view shows how red the dogwood is getting.
See the little tree in front? Nicely yellow.
Plenty of leaves on the ground.
 This is the same dogwood just a few days ago, pretty but not as nice as it is right now.
The little tree, to the left in this picture, is still quite green.
 Even the lizards are putting on their autumn colors.
Ok, so maybe he is really putting on his, hide on the brick, color,
but it looks like autumn to me.
(Don't you think he looks just a little grumpy?)
I took this one in Greenville last weekend.
Look at all that red!
My friend Brian the Cat writes from that part of the world.
I bet he would like my lizard.
More pictures to come,
autumn is just starting around here.

07 November 2010

Life is good at Kat's Corner.

I am having a lovely morning today.
To start with, we are on day light savings time.
We got to set the clock back last night and sleep in an extra hour this morning.
The weather is lovely and sunny outside,
but just a bit chilly (OK a lot chilly).
This wonderful old house is quite comfortable.
My trees have not quite reached this stage yet, but at least some are starting to turn.
I thought I would include this one and see if it gives mine the idea.

 I have a lovely cup of PG tips tea.
(Thank goodness for the commissary and the Internet).
Nothing beats a warm cuppa on a chilly morning.
 Unless of course, you have a Sweet Husband who makes fresh Banana bread.
This was a particularly tasty example. It was breakfast this morning.
He makes it from scratch and it is one of my favorites.
 Here is my very generous portion.
I like the crusts best.
It tastes even better than it looks.
 We spent quite a bit of time and energy last week on this.
I love a nice tall wood pile!
It makes me feel more secure.
We are putting some of that hard work to good use this morning.
Our fist fire of the season is merrily crackling away.
Warm and cozy.
Back when this house was built (around 1830), fireplaces
were the only heating option. They do a great job of it too.
Speaking of warm and cozy.
Spontaneous likes to lay in the silliest positions.
She is very cuddly this time of year, just look at that big soft belly.
I have a paper to finish for school,
I better get to it.
You know what? I don't even mind having to do homework on a day like this one.
Hope yours is as good.

03 November 2010

Autumn on Heintooga Round Bottom Road, Blue Ridge Parkway.

I took a break from school work,
My Sweet Husband and I headed up to the mountains,
It is nearly a four hour drive,
but I think you will agree it was worth it.
Maggie Valley really gets into the spirit of Harvest Festival and Halloween,
there are elaborate roadside displays set up in front of many businesses.
 This place has pumpkin fudge!
Look at the size of those Pumpkins!
I am thinking, PIE!
Pumpkin pie is my all time favorite dessert,
even better than chocolate (yes, I know, that is almost sacrilege, but it is true).
 I love Jello brand instant pumpkin pudding when I can find it
and lately I have a thing for Pumpkin Ale.
 We found a lovely picnic spot out behind the store with the great display.
 Here is another view of the river, it sounded so peaceful.
I took these pictures about a week ago and the temperatures were in the high 60's to low 70's (15 to 21 degrees Celsius). It felt great. It is always a little cooler in the mountains.
The leaves change earlier up there too.
 After our picnic, we headed up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.
One of our favorite trails is Heintooga Round Bottom Road (I love to say that).
It is a one way, winding, unpaved road.
It goes through some beautiful territory.
We like to park and walk along it.
 Are you starting to see why we like it so much?
The scenery is quite different up there.
Most of our trees are taking there time, we have very little fall color
here at Kat's corner. As I said in the last post, the pictures of our old barn with
all that autumn color are from a previous autumn, before we had the roof replaced.
 I will of course post pictures of our lovely old house with autumn around it,
as soon as our trees will cooperate.
In the mean time, Heintooga Round Bottom Road sure soothed my hunger for autumn.
 This is one of my favorites.
You can see off in the distance, why they are called the blue ridge mountains.
How can you not love a place that looks like this!
I am so happy it is fall!
I love to be cozy and cooler temperatures mean;
fires in the fireplace,
my long fuzzy road,
Warm red fuzzy slippers,
and a fat lazy cat that likes to snuggle on my lap once again.
Spontaneous the lap cat,
now what could be more cozy than that?
Hope you are all warm and cozy too,

01 November 2010

Redecorating the blog.

As you can see,
I have made some changes.
No, our leaves are not that pretty yet,
 This is the picture I started with,
It was taken before the barn got it's new roof.

This is another version of the digital drawing.
I started with an idea from the feb/mar 2009 issue of
"Digital Scrapbooking Magazine"
I like the final effect quite a bit.
I also made some changes to the blog design itself,
that was much easier than I thought it would be.
More later,


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