10 November 2010

Antebellum Autumn.

Each day here in the old antebellum is a little prettier this time of year.
The sun is shining, but it is cooler.
My leaves are slowly turning.
 The early morning light shows off our house nicely.
 This side view shows how red the dogwood is getting.
See the little tree in front? Nicely yellow.
Plenty of leaves on the ground.
 This is the same dogwood just a few days ago, pretty but not as nice as it is right now.
The little tree, to the left in this picture, is still quite green.
 Even the lizards are putting on their autumn colors.
Ok, so maybe he is really putting on his, hide on the brick, color,
but it looks like autumn to me.
(Don't you think he looks just a little grumpy?)
I took this one in Greenville last weekend.
Look at all that red!
My friend Brian the Cat writes from that part of the world.
I bet he would like my lizard.
More pictures to come,
autumn is just starting around here.


  1. nice. looking might autumnal...and what a cool lizard!

  2. so far this year the trees have not been too great here. The sycamores are lovely, the dogwoods are more brown than red, and the bradfords and popcorn trees are still green!

  3. Oh wow!! Just beautiful!!! You have the nicest house surrounded by such amazing trees!!! They ar just so vibrant and colourful!

    But the lizard is AMAZING!! I love that expression on his/her face!!!!

    Awww Brian the Cat will definitely want to make friends with that lizard!! :-) Take care

  4. Oh I see you were at Green Ridge! And yes, I love that lizard!!!

  5. Autumn is just starting down there and has just about left us up here - especially with that darned snow we had already the other day!

    I wish that autumn lasted longer!

  6. How stunning is your late autumn.;) Te last picture is amazing.;) I love lizards, here we only get to see small salamanders if we are lucky.;))

  7. Wow! Incredible house:) Love the lizard too.


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