03 November 2010

Autumn on Heintooga Round Bottom Road, Blue Ridge Parkway.

I took a break from school work,
My Sweet Husband and I headed up to the mountains,
It is nearly a four hour drive,
but I think you will agree it was worth it.
Maggie Valley really gets into the spirit of Harvest Festival and Halloween,
there are elaborate roadside displays set up in front of many businesses.
 This place has pumpkin fudge!
Look at the size of those Pumpkins!
I am thinking, PIE!
Pumpkin pie is my all time favorite dessert,
even better than chocolate (yes, I know, that is almost sacrilege, but it is true).
 I love Jello brand instant pumpkin pudding when I can find it
and lately I have a thing for Pumpkin Ale.
 We found a lovely picnic spot out behind the store with the great display.
 Here is another view of the river, it sounded so peaceful.
I took these pictures about a week ago and the temperatures were in the high 60's to low 70's (15 to 21 degrees Celsius). It felt great. It is always a little cooler in the mountains.
The leaves change earlier up there too.
 After our picnic, we headed up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.
One of our favorite trails is Heintooga Round Bottom Road (I love to say that).
It is a one way, winding, unpaved road.
It goes through some beautiful territory.
We like to park and walk along it.
 Are you starting to see why we like it so much?
The scenery is quite different up there.
Most of our trees are taking there time, we have very little fall color
here at Kat's corner. As I said in the last post, the pictures of our old barn with
all that autumn color are from a previous autumn, before we had the roof replaced.
 I will of course post pictures of our lovely old house with autumn around it,
as soon as our trees will cooperate.
In the mean time, Heintooga Round Bottom Road sure soothed my hunger for autumn.
 This is one of my favorites.
You can see off in the distance, why they are called the blue ridge mountains.
How can you not love a place that looks like this!
I am so happy it is fall!
I love to be cozy and cooler temperatures mean;
fires in the fireplace,
my long fuzzy road,
Warm red fuzzy slippers,
and a fat lazy cat that likes to snuggle on my lap once again.
Spontaneous the lap cat,
now what could be more cozy than that?
Hope you are all warm and cozy too,


  1. MMm, pumpkin fudge!!! Love the autum colours in this post. I'd say it was worth the 4 hour drive. I am looking forward to trying the macroons now in Marrakesh!!! x

  2. Such great pictures and that Spontaneous is so cute!

  3. Wow!! What a lovely name for a gorgeous place!!! Yes I can see why you love going there - it's pretty and quirky and just peaceful and nice!! I like the sound of pumpking Ale!! Lovely!!!

    Beautiful Spontaneous is looking lovely and cozy too!
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pics!! Take care

  4. some gorgeous pictures...such beauty...and those pumpkins are huge!

  5. I'm falling criminally behind on your blog, I blame the busyness of trying to build independent income.
    Loving the new layout! I'm glad you told me about it, since I normally read your blog on my phone I wouldn't have seen it unless you said so! It has a more 'pro' look than your old one, but there are a couple things that are displaying odd on my monitor, mainly at the top of the blog, where you can see part of the 'merci' text, but most is cut off, then further down, where some of the text is hanging off the left and right boundaries of the white main portion of the blog. If you could expand the main body of the blog a bit, or push the background image a little further to the side, that would fix it. I'd be happy to try and help you figure it out on my next visit, if you want.
    I hope you don't mind my constructive criticism! Otherwise, I think this is a vast improvement!
    Now then, as for the post itself, I loved seeing the dense fall foliage, you really made me miss the blue ridge. You also made me crave pumpkin pie!

  6. Beautiful and poetic images and words! I remember the Smokey Mountains and the stunning brilliance when the the foliage turns, there is no other sight like it.;))

  7. Absolutely wonderful post! I compleely enjoyed your writing and your wonderful colorful photos!

  8. Hooray for taking a break from school work! I write my final exam next Friday ~ I'm so happy!

    I think Banjo and I will follow Spontaneous' lead this weekend! :)

    Happy weekend Kat!
    xo Catherine

  9. Beautiful photos of a part of the world I hope I get to one day


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