25 September 2011

Autumn, memories, cloudy skies, and the Indigo Girls.

We made an early morning trip to Augusta, GA not long ago.
The clouds were so dramatic, I had to take pictures.
We get amazing sunsets this time of year too,
but those picture are for another post.
Dark and cloudy skies.
I used to say that spring was my favorite season, 
I love the feeling of new life after a long cold winter.
I love the flowers and the warmth.
I love how so many people seem to warm up in the spring too, they are friendlier. 
I love how fresh and green everything seems to be.
I love being able to get outside without bundling up.
Still dark, but you can see the silver lining.
Fall comes after a long hot summer, and I am more than ready for the change.
Our trees transform themselves gradually, so at this point, there are a few hints of color.
There is still a lot of green, but the change has begun.
A little more blue in this picture.

My Parents place had apple trees (2 kinds), plum trees (3 kinds), grapes (white and red),
a pear tree, and a walnut tree. 
There were red current bushes, rhubarb, and black caps (large black berries).
We usually had a vegetable garden as well. 
Autumn meant harvesting all of that and preserving it for the winter.
I come from a big happy family and I have so many happy memories 
of the work, and the lovely things we made.
My Father was interested in Organic Gardening, I don't think he ever called it that.
It was just the way things should be done (he was born in 1914 and raised on a farm).
He took great pride in how little we wasted. We made jams and jellies, we dried fruit. 
Mom made her own soup mix of dried vegetables. 
We even made our own fruit leather and my Father made wine.
In the fall, we all came together to get the work done. 
The skies are clearing, a little.

When my children were small, I made all their Halloween costumes.
I had to get enthusiastic about the project early in the season, or they would not be done on time
(although, I will admit to putting in the last few stitches right before they headed out the door a few times).
I used to make most of the Christmas presents for our extended family, Christmas decorations too.
I have a box with Halloween and Christmas magazines that I have saved for inspirations.
Each year, when the weather starts to cool, and the grocery stores put out their Halloween displays, 
(usually around mid September in this area), my Sweet Husband, brings the box down from the attic. 
My parents are gone and the rest of us do not exchange gifts anymore
so I don't have my old excuses for frenzied crafting. I still enjoy the magazines.
Early morning over the lake.

For me "The Holidays" start with Halloween. Why wait clear till Thanksgiving? 
An unusual cloud formation, notice the disk at the top?

Autumn here in the south has much to recommend it. 
The temperatures are much milder.
We use the air conditioning rarely, and we don't need the heat yet either. 
I am looking forward to using the fireplaces. We have a stack of wood from last year ready.
Soon we will go pick up another load. Did I mention that I love the smell of the wood,
and how nice it looks all neatly stacked?
Fluffy clouds and blue skies.

Spring is lovely, but you know that all the work of summer is just around the corner.
These big old places are labor intensive, most of the work gets done when the weather is hot.
When spring comes, I will be excited. 
I will anxiously wait the end of winter, and photograph every sign of new growth.
Right now, I am enjoying fall.
So, yes, I am a fan of Halloween, and everything else the season brings. 
Early evening, side view from our front porch.

but they did not get it quite right. Autumn is the best time of year in the South.
I will post pictures as the season progresses.

22 September 2011

Chilean Rose, corrected post.

I got two spiders mixed up.
This lovely gentleman belongs to a good friend of mine. His name is Migi. He wants to know why I didn't include him in last post. My friend has two tarantulas, Migi, and Kashmir. This is Migi, he is indeed a Chilean Rose, but they are not dangerous. Kashmir is a different sort of tarantula and he is very dangerous.
Since Migi, is safer, and less afraid of people, it is easy to get great photos of him.
Kashmir, is camera shy.

I would not recommend messing with any spider, unless you KNOW it is ok to do so.
While your at it, try not to harm them either, they are natures pest controllers.

20 September 2011

13 Frightening Creatures.

In keeping with the Halloween "Spirit".
I decided to share some of the Frightening Creatures that live around us.
You might not want to look late at night or when you are alone.....
1. This was one of the residents in the house. 
I evicted him carefully. I must admit, we allow a few of the polite ones to stay.
Polite means they stay in out of the way corners and eat other bugs. 
Spontaneous helps to ensure they stay out of the way.
She is a mighty hunter.
It also implies that they do not invite all their friends to the party.
This part of the world is full of natural pests and since neither my Sweet Husband or myself like the idea of using poisons in the house (unless absolutely necessary) we take advantage of Mothers Natures Pest Controllers. 
2. The Daddy Long Legs. 
This guy is about four inches from end or leg to end of leg. 
He was hunting bugs on our side porch. 
3. This one looks even more frightening.
He was up on the Blue Ridge last summer. 
4. I will call this a silver spider.
You may recognize him from yesterday's post. 
5. Here is his web. 
6. This one is busy keeping the mosquitos away from our porch.
7. Little green snake.  
8. Black snake. See how he climbs?
This guy loves to eat mice before they get into the house. 
9. Another black snake. 
10. I know, this little guy does not look scary at all.
I think he is kind of cute. 
He eats lots of bugs.
This one lived in a flower pot on the porch steps for quite a while. 
11. This Toad looks a little more frightning.
Actually, I think he looks a little grumpy. 
12. This little lizzard changes color depending on where he is hanging out.
They frequently show up as bright green.
My Mom would dance a little dance and run if she saw them. 
13. Lizzard. This little monster looks prehistoric.
That is what we call them.
I have no idea what the proper names are for all of these guys.
They may be frightening to some, but I think they are just misunderstood.
What do you think?
Which one is the scariest?
What are you afraid of?

17 September 2011

Spooky stuff.

It is chilly this morning.
Most of the leaves are still green,
but fall is in the air.
I have been redecorating the blog and playing with Photoshop.
Just dropping by, 
Come on in, 
Don't you just expect the Wolfman to jump out of this one?
Anyone else getting in the mood for Halloween?

09 September 2011

30 years ago today.

Thirty years ago today,
Chris married Nick
and my life changed.
I met my Sweet Husband at their wedding.

I am a lucky girl.
He still likes me!
(no, that is not what I wore to the wedding, but it is what I looked like back then)

08 September 2011

Getting in shape.

We think Miss Spontaneous is a fine figure of a cat,
however, the vet thinks she would be more comfortable,
and healthier, if she were,

 shall we say,
well, not so much.
She is posing to show you that she is making a little progress.
There is still a whole lot of kitty there.
Especially when you compare her to this photo.
This is what our Sweetie looked like before she came to live with us.
She is a bundle of love at any size.
The Vet put her on a diet, any suggestions for exercises?

04 September 2011

Just a little color.

We had a colorful early morning visitor.
He joined us while we had tea on the porch.
I offered him some tea, but he prefers flies.
We try to encourage these guys because they are cute, 
and they eat bugs. 
 When we were through with our tea,
I walked down to the mail box.
We are starting to see a little color in our leaves.
A little yellow. 
Are your leaves changing?

01 September 2011

What to do with that last little bit of Summer.

September is finally here!
The beginning of one of the best times of year.
I am glad to see summer go,
but as a gift for my Northern friends, I saved the last bit here.



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