31 August 2011

Savoring Summer.

The leaves are starting to look a little crisper,
and the mornings are just a little cooler.
Autumn is just around the corner.
Before it arrives,
I want to savor summer just a little longer.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

28 August 2011

Summer fun.

My Sweet Husband had a great idea.
We took my Tacoma up to haul the tubes.
It is a comfy little pickup truck.
Just look at him, can you imagine how peaceful this is?
There were a lot of other people with the same idea, 
that is OK, it is a big river.  
It is really hard to stay stressed when you are out playing with someone special.
It is good to be a kid! 
We did this last summer too, but I did not get any photos.
This year I decided I better, so I can share.
Hope you find a little time to play too.

23 August 2011

Cat Talk Time Challenge from Zoolatry

I am participating in a challenge today from Zoolatry.
In their own words,
"Cats are very expressive.  And in our years of pet blogging, we've found that theirhumans are very expressive, too!  So we're putting out a challenge to one and all, just a furry-fun event, for Tuesday August 23 ~ on your blog, just post your favorite, clever, old, new, unusual, humorous cat talk.  We were recently introduced to some new cat talk ~ "whisker humps".  Of course, there's "tail wags", and "chin scritches"and so many more.  And when it comes to the humans, well ... we've heard beans,and bipeds, and food purrsons.  And let's not forget the famous MOL.  So, that's theCat Talk Time Challenge ~ get wordy, creatively wordy ~ and if you can show a photo that goes with your "talk", that's even better!  No prizes, no awards, just a wholelotta fun". 

Spontaneous is a very vocal (and extremely intelligent) Kitty.
Here is her entry.

Serenading for Supper.
She is very fond of "F - I - S - H"

If Supper is "F - I - S - H" (I can't say it unless I am about to provide it),
Then this is the usual result.
If you want to see more intelligent Kitties and hear what they have to say,
stop by Zoolatry .
It will make you smile.

22 August 2011

Guest photographer.

We have a guest photographer today.
My Sweet Husband took these photos the other morning.
They are simply beautiful.


19 August 2011

Bele Chere July 29, 2011.

 I am still playing catch up with my posts here.
We went to Asheville, NC for Bele Chere on July 29th.
Bele Chere is a free street festival featuring music, art, crafts, music, dance and lots of great food.
The town of Asheville itself is one of our favorite places to visit, Bele Chere just makes it even more so.
The first picture, above, is inside one of my favorite bookstores, Malaprop's.
 Don't you just love the sign up on the shelf?
I think it is a great idea, bet it works too.
Would you leave a small child unattended here?
 One of our favorite stops!
The Chocolate Fetish Shop.
The truffles are HEAVENLY, and the shop is full of fun things made from chocolate.
The beach scene above is an example, even the sand is edible.
 Another favorite stop is Kilwin's.
They make lovely fudge and ice cream.
The waffle bowls are very good and they hold lots of ice cream.
My Sweet Husband went for Triple chocolate and a scoop of cherry, 
I had Triple chocolate and a scoop of Key Lime (great combination).
 We did eat some healthy things while we were there.
My Sweet Husband found us some very good fresh organic tomatoes to go with our lunch
and dinner was from an Indian Food Vendor in the food court (it smelled so good, I forgot to take a picture).
 Daniel C. Williams and Son
Playing their Woodrow Stringed Instruments.
Small, portable, handmade, sounds great and looks easy to play.
Check them out.
 A selection of their instruments.
 WNCW is our favorite radio station. They play a good variety including everything from Grateful Dead, to Bob Marley with Blue Grass, Jazz, old Rock and Celtic mixed in.
If you are too far away to pick up the station, you can listen to them on line too.
 Lots of people,
Crowds everywhere.
They all seemed to be smiling and laughing.
We were too.
 One of four outdoor stages set up around town for the festival.
There were Buskers of every type too. 
 Found me a new hat!
At the end of the day, even the squirrels looked worn out.
This guy found a cool spot to catch his breath.
We had a lovely day.

15 August 2011

Computer problems and Phoenix Arizona.

It has been a while since I posted.
We have been without internet at home for just over a week.
My sweet husband was working on the computer, and it went out.
Just like that.
We found out later that the router and modem were also out.
Whichever one went first took the rest out with it.
As of yesterday evening, wi-fi is back up and we are in touch with the world once again!
Yeah! You really don't realize how much you rely on something,
till it is gone.
and now, for our long awaited, regularly scheduled post.
Phoenix, Arizona
We spent a week in Phoenix last month.
These palms are right in the center of town.
Our hotel was within easy walking distance of Chase Field
 so we watched the Arizona Diamond Backs vs Milwaukee Brewers.
The Brewers won,,, oh well, it was fun.
Cacti in the desert near by.
We also went on several long drives to explore the surrounding area.
It was quite warm, but really not too bad.
No humidity!
Lots of color.
This place is called Montezuma's Castle.
It is a pretty amazing old Native American cliff dwelling.
The birds are the only ones who live there now. 
 Mullin plants on the Mogollon Rim Road.
We spent one beautiful day driving up here.
Another Mogollon Rim view.
What a pretty road!
My Sweet Hubby and I.
Bell Rock Pathway.
Awesome Color!
Our lunchtime oasis.
Pink jeep.
Sunset ans Saguaro.
Typical Arizona shot, I could not resist.
It sure is nice to be back in touch.


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