30 March 2014

Transition Season

March is nearly over, and at least in our corner of the woods, spring is pretty much here.
Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons because you get the best of winter and summer without the extremes. It rained yesterday and the wind howled around the house. It was a very snuggly night. 

 My Sweet Husband knew the storm was coming so he brought this Iris in for me. It is the first of the season and the only one open so far. 
 As you can see, it is still chilly enough for a fire in the fireplace.  
Don't you love the reflection on the floor?
This is our library, the floors are Heart Pine, probably from trees growing on the property when the house was built. 
 The dogwood is open more than last week, but still taking it's time. 
These are kind of "pre-flowers" the tree still has blossoms coming.

My breakfast and a hot cup of tea just arrived, so I will stop for now. I have a spring morning to enjoy. 
What is your favorite thing about Spring?
Which do you like better Spring or Fall?

23 March 2014

Looking for Spring

I took a lot of pictures this week.
I wanted to share some of what I think are my best with you.
This is what happens when you take your camera,
looking for spring.

 Mistletoe in the Oak

It is spring in the meadow 


Woodland Throne 

Webbed foot prints 

Tiny perfect wildflower 

Moss and Ferns by the Creek 

A little more green is showing up 

 Tiny ferns

Three trees along a barbed wire fence line, shows in stages what happens when the fence gets in the way of nature. 

 New leaf buds

Pines bright evergreen 

Paperwhite Narcissus 


Late evening Daffodil and the Summer Kitchen 

Late evening, old barn through the elm branches 

Flowering Elm 

Rosemary blossoms in twilight 


As you can see, it is taking it's time this year 

Catching song birds in pecan tree
The pecan trees are always the last to come out 

 Turkey Vultures

Taking Flight 
Dandelion Fluff

I have been reading "Game of Thrones". In it, the Stark family motto is "Winter is coming". Well I keep thinking "not around here thank you".
What is your favorite photo?

16 March 2014

Summer Dreams, Summer Memories, Camping

Long ago and far away, 

There was a young girl,
who loved the outdoors,
(OK, I still love the outdoors, and it wasn't really THAT long ago)
It is a rainy day today, I am inside cozy with a fire in the fireplace and My Sweet Husband keeping me company. We were talking, about Summer. You see, Summer is coming! I know it will be a while, but it is coming. 

 This is me in the Summer when I was about 19. 
This is how I see myself.
We were on a camping trip in Southern Utah. 
 That brings me to the topic of this post.

Old Faithful Inn - Yellowstone 
There are many ways to camp. Some people would consider staying in Yellowstone National Park as camping out. Here you see My Sweet Husband looking down from the balcony inside Yellowstone's Old Faithful Inn a few years ago.

Old Faithful Inn Interior
As you can see, he is really roughing it. 
He has taken me to Yellowstone twice, we did not actually camp out on either trip. The first time, we stayed at the Inn but you do not have to be a guest to enjoy the lobby. 

Yellowstone National Park 
Guest Cabins at Canyon
The second time we stayed in one of the cabins at Canyon. Inside they are modern hotel rooms with the usual amenities. Their excellent staff keeps them nice and clean. Still not really camping though.
(Yellowstone does have campgrounds, we just did not take advantage of them) 

 Camping early 1960's
The gentleman on the right is Ed Hile, His wife Frankie is next to him. They were my parents best friends (they introduced them). I believe the lovely lady on the left is my Aunt Bonnie. 
This is how my parents camped. 
Well, we did go for walks with me Dad and of course the adults cooked over the campfire or on the old Coleman Stove.  We slept in the camper (wish I had a picture of that!). It was one of those that went on the back of a pickup truck. The top hung over the cab and I believe the back stuck out past the tailgate too.  My parents also had a huge green tent with three rooms, I don't remember actually camping in it. 

Deer Hunting
Not sure who these guys are this was in with my parents slides. I know it was a deer hunting trip as they are wearing red jackets and red hats. When I was a kid the red was required. Later it went to bright orange. I do not know if that is still the rule in the Rockies, or not, but back then it was.  

 Camping in the pickup
This is another one from my parent's slides. I'm not sure who this is but she looks familiar (hey family, if you know who any of these are, let me know). Note how the tarp is tied over the pickup and the fire has a wire rack up on bricks. Camping with all the amenities.
Jump forward a few decades... 

1969 VW Camper Van with Pop Top up
That is My Sweet Husband standing next to it.  
This was his ride when we met, he picked me up for our first date in it. Here we are at a Rainbow Family Gathering in 1983. We think the conversion was by Westphalia. It was quite cozy. We went all over the country in this thing. Sink with running water, an ice box, two tables and a back seat that folded into a bed. 

1969 VW Camper with top up
Here it is from the side with the door open. We hung curtains for shade and if you look you can see the back door is open. Do you see the little white shelf? That folded up to give him a spot to put the Coleman stove.  

I think the technical term for this is Freak Bus.
That is me standing next to it. It looks like they could sit up on top if they wanted too. Some of these buses are very elaborate inside and some are simple.  

VW Ford Marriage
I have seen several versions of this. Some have VW bugs or other vehicles welded to the top to give then a second story. The drivers really have to know what they are doing. These festival sites are not always on smooth easy roads. 
Now, my heart looks at all the space and comfort, and I think Wow, we should have brought a Double Decker back from Britain. Then my mind takes back over. The drivers not only need to know how to maneuver these rigs, most know how to fix them as well. I wonder how far they have to go out of their way to avoid low bridges. 

Freak Bus!
This one has a great paint job. Looks like it used to be a school bus. Speaking of which, we met a family living in one just a couple of years ago The UnSchool Bus. It is nice to know some are still out there.  

Freak bus with stove
As you can see, this one has a stove pipe coming out the window. Some of their owners live in them year round.  

There are all sorts of modifications. Not enough head room? Raise the roof. Creativity is the key.  

They Eyes Have it

Hand made
This one is on wheels as well. We have a copy of a great book 
If you are looking for inspiration.
You can also go to google images and put in Camping vehicles

 Evening on the road
This is My Sweet Husband again, somewhere on this road that is our life together. This is one of my favorite pictures. Have I told you before that I am a very lucky girl. We are still traveling together.

Old VW Van
This one was parked at the grocery store not long ago. When something is on the road this long, it is because people love it. 

1985 Volkswagon Camper Van
This is a Westphalia conversion. As you can see it has a bigger pop top. It has the sink with running water, a refrigerator that runs off propane or electricity while you are driving, sink with running water, two burner propane stove and it sleeps 4 comfortably. This was ours for several years. When we finally let it go, it was to someone else who loves it.
It comes to visit once in a while. 
Digital VW Van 
Remember this? 
Modern VW Euro Van Camper
Not sure what year this is. It was parked in front of the Corolla up on the Blue Ridge. This is the last model. VW stopped making camper vans in 2003. I am sure they are comfortable, and the people who own them, love them. They just are not as cute!

Veggie Dogs on the fire
You don't have to wait for summer to eat camping food. Who says campfires have to be outdoors?
Tasty breakfast, am I spoiled or what?

Speaking of cute

Spontaneous the cat
Spontaneous is not really interested in camping. 
She just wants to make sure we don't forget to feed the cat.

Hope you enjoyed.


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