30 March 2011

Wet wordless Wednesday.


15 March 2011

Redecorating for Spring.

Thanks to Karen at Graphics fairy for the bees in my new heading, as well as the background I have been using for a while. You can find links to both and a zillion other things on her blog.
Spring is coming. It peaks forward, then retreats. The sun was bright yesterday and today the rain is falling.
We have what will probably be the last fire of the season going in the fireplace and my Sweet Husband brought fresh flowers in from the yard for me this morning.
This is the original photo for the center of the banner. I wanted to show the dreary winter progressing slowly to spring. The azaleas are not out yet, this photo is from last year.
The elm looks amazing right now. I won't be so tickled when all that pollen starts falling, but for now, I am just enjoying the beauty. I do like pink. (Doesn't my back yard look nice right now?)
Southern Sunrise. Now isn't that worth getting up for?
Spring in one of it's finest forms. So pretty, so cheerful, and they are free!
The Camellia did not bloom at Christmas this year. The storm we had was too much for them.
They are making up for it now, the bushes are all covered.
A little peaceful contemplation.
We are not alone.
Spontaneous, that silly beast, is already hiding from the summer (She is a very well insulated cat).
Well that should do it for now. Let me know what you think of the new banner.
As usual, I need to be doing my homework.
Have a great week.

10 March 2011

Going to Riverbanks Zoo.

Warning, animals are not necessarily as close as they appear (thank goodness!)
Fishing Cat,
Giraffe, Close Up!
(This one really was that close, and he slobbers)
My Sweet Husband posed for me with this silly thing.
Mike the Gorilla
Lady Lion
Pretty Yellow Bird,
My Sweet Husband has the best ideas.
We went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC.
The weather was sunny but a little chilly and the animals were out and about.
It was an excellent way to spend the day.
Hope your day has some sunshine.

05 March 2011

Spring Flowers at Kat's place.

Spring has arrived in my corner of the south.
We have three different kinds of daffodils.

Doesn't that brighten your day?


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