29 April 2010


I have taken the last final.
Now all I can do is wait for the grades to be posted.
I have excellent company, while I wait.
Spontaneous is very good at waiting.
All cats are, we could take lessons.
I have a lovely place to wait.
Hope your day is as nice as mine has been.

25 April 2010

Short break

I had to take a short break from studying to post a few more pictures, the Wisteria is almost gone and I have not posted any pictures of it yet. Note, that is a telephone pole it has climbed.
Close up of the Wisteria. This particular batch is a couple of miles down the road from my place.
Pink flower bush and White Narcissus.
Thistle and a Bumble Bee.
Remember the tree we call the guardian, at the end of our drive? This is what he looks like covered in leaves.
Close up of the Dog Wood blooming. The blossoms are all gone now, glad I got plenty of photos.
Yellow flowers and cows in the field.
Future Berry Goodness.
Our barn through the flowers. I must admit, I live in a pretty place.
Can you see why we love it?
I need to get back to work. I have one more test to study for.
My Sweet Hubby has promised to go for a walk with me later on.
The road is waiting.

23 April 2010

Sweet Distractions

Spontaneous says that I am working too hard.
She says This is the way to go.
She is a sweet little distraction.
I only have one more test to go, so back to work.
As you can see, there are certainly some compensations for all the hard work.
Fresh Belgium Waffles anyone?

19 April 2010

Hard at work

Busy studying,
I have my coffee (very good by the way)
I have a nice warm window seat with a spot of sunshine,
If you have to spend hours studying, this is the way to do it.

15 April 2010

Critters in the woods and on the porch

The semester is almost done and I have lots of homework. I didn't want you to feel neglected, so I am posting some pictures of some of the folks that have visited us recently or that we have met out on our walks.

ps I was inspired by Moonlight and hares

14 April 2010


My Dogwood a couple of weeks ago.
Another view.

10 April 2010

Warmer evenings

What's out there?
I think I hear something.
What are you looking at?
Spontaneous sure likes it when we leave the door open.
Have a nice weekend.

09 April 2010

One dozen flowers as promised

All of these were taken the day after the Flower Town Festival.
They are in the Unitarian Churchyard, downtown Charleston SC.
I think this is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
I hope they make you smile.

08 April 2010

Thursday Teaser

The day after the Flower Town Festival, I took a bunch of spring flower photos in the Charleston UU Churchyard.
Looking at them makes me smile.
Sometime this weekend, I will share a dozen of them with you.
Here is a sneak peek.



05 April 2010

Tag, my tenth photo

Carmen from http://rnsane.blogspot.com/ has tagged me. Actually, she tagged me several days ago but I am catching up now. The rules to this one are fairly simple;
• Open your first photo folder and select the 10th photo
• Publish it and tell the story of the photo
• Link back to the person who tagged you
• Tag 5 friends and inform them.

This top photo is my tenth photo, before Photoshop. It is scanned from an old slide and the kid with the way to curly hair is me. I think I was about fifteen at the time. My Mom and Aunt Pat are getting something out of the trunk of the car and my Aunt Glory is looking over the fence. This picture was taken in Sterling Colorado and the car, a 1974 Ford Granada, later went on to become my first car. I have posted this on the blog before as it shows the car and I believe I have a camera in one hand. The second photo is after mild adjustments with Photoshop Elements. Can you see why I love this program?

As for my five friends,I would love to tag Protégé, but someone beat me to it or Kim and Paula, but they don’t have a blog yet so I will tag
Richard Jesse Watson at http://richardjessewatson.blogspot.com/
The Bach at http://bachelor-at-wellington.blogspot.com/
Cat at http://cornerofcatsmind.blogspot.com/
Alistair at http://crivensjingsandhelpmaboab.blogspot.com/
The person I chose for the fifth blog to tag has a bit much on her plate right now and I can't make up my mind for a replacement, so I am going to use an idea I saw on someone else's blog and choose you. You do not have to link back to me, but if you leave me a comment, I will know to come look.

Choosing who to tag is always the hardest part of these things. Looking at their choices and the blogs that they tag is the best part.


02 April 2010

Flowertown Festival, Worth Waiting For

Last weekend we went to Summerville South Carolina for the Flowertown Festival. These are the promised pictures. Summerville is near Charleston SC and the coast so spring arrives quickly. The Festival is an annual event to raise funds for the YMCA. It is held each year when the Azaleas are blooming. Summerville is full of Azaleas. They come in several different colors and the bushes can get to be quite large.
Summerville started out as a place for wealthy Charlestonians to get away from the heat and illness of summer. It is full of wonderful old Victorian homes, and azaleas. One weekend a year, it is also full of people.
Many of the lovely old homes are open as Bed and Breakfasts now. This is the Flowertown B&B.
The festival centers on Azalea park. Lovely walks are lined with trees and Spanish moss. You can find peaceful areas even in these crowds.
Summerville is a sidewalk community and most homes have porches, the two seem to go together. This bridge allows the sidewalk to cross a canal in the park.
Since it is a flower festival, there are quite a few vendors with plants and garden equipment. I can't find the name of this plant but I thought it was interesting.
They set up a stage for live acts. This group of clowns were quite popular with the children.
This vendor is selling Bonsai. I have always loved these tiny trees.
Other vendors sold everything from potting soil to jewelry and clothes for pets. There were artists selling paintings, photographs and a couple of people were doing caricatures on the spot.
If you look closely you can see this river of people extends way up. Literally miles of people. Everyone seems to be in a good mood.
This is a different sort of flower. It is on the long needle pine tree and it is the source of the yellow dust that is starting to feel the air. I, and a lot of other people are extremely allergic to it. Summerville is about a four hour drive away from us and their weather is a little warmer than ours. Our pines are usually a week or two behind theirs.
They had rides set up on main street. If you look past the ride you can see a stately old home. It almost feels like you are in two times at once, the modern and the old. This is usually a quiet neighborhood yet the locals don't seem to mind at all.
This is my favorite flower photo from the trip. I don't know what kind of orchids these are but they are beauties. Some orchids are native to the swamp lands around Summerville, these were for sale at one of the many booths.
To see a picture of us at the festival, click here Flowertown news . I have lots more flower photos and will try to post some in a few days. For now, I hope you enjoy these. For those of you who are still having cold weather, I am thinking warm thoughts for you and this summer when we are WAY too hot and miserable, you can think cool thoughts for me. One of my Sisters lives in Idaho and they are still getting snow.
The birds are singing and I have got to get some homework done. Have a great weekend.


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