05 April 2010

Tag, my tenth photo

Carmen from http://rnsane.blogspot.com/ has tagged me. Actually, she tagged me several days ago but I am catching up now. The rules to this one are fairly simple;
• Open your first photo folder and select the 10th photo
• Publish it and tell the story of the photo
• Link back to the person who tagged you
• Tag 5 friends and inform them.

This top photo is my tenth photo, before Photoshop. It is scanned from an old slide and the kid with the way to curly hair is me. I think I was about fifteen at the time. My Mom and Aunt Pat are getting something out of the trunk of the car and my Aunt Glory is looking over the fence. This picture was taken in Sterling Colorado and the car, a 1974 Ford Granada, later went on to become my first car. I have posted this on the blog before as it shows the car and I believe I have a camera in one hand. The second photo is after mild adjustments with Photoshop Elements. Can you see why I love this program?

As for my five friends,I would love to tag Protégé, but someone beat me to it or Kim and Paula, but they don’t have a blog yet so I will tag
Richard Jesse Watson at http://richardjessewatson.blogspot.com/
The Bach at http://bachelor-at-wellington.blogspot.com/
Cat at http://cornerofcatsmind.blogspot.com/
Alistair at http://crivensjingsandhelpmaboab.blogspot.com/
The person I chose for the fifth blog to tag has a bit much on her plate right now and I can't make up my mind for a replacement, so I am going to use an idea I saw on someone else's blog and choose you. You do not have to link back to me, but if you leave me a comment, I will know to come look.

Choosing who to tag is always the hardest part of these things. Looking at their choices and the blogs that they tag is the best part.



  1. Well, I see I wasn't tagged for this I know what kind of person you are now. Um hum...yepper

  2. Congratulations on being tagged!


    And what a great pic full of memories - I'm very impressed with the photoshopped one - it's made the whole scene clearer.


    take care

  3. That's pretty cool, a camera handy at all times!

  4. i was in diapers that year. smiles. nice nostalgic shot!

  5. Haha! Love the old photos ~ have you got a perm or is that natural?? Perms and the late 70's early 80's seem to go hand in hand! Ha! And I too love photoshop!

    You are so sweet to think of me for your tag! I actually just did the 1st folder/ 10th picture thing mid-March. (Pictures of my son avoiding my camera ~LOL!) So I will pass this time.

    But again, you are the sweetest! Big hug for you! xo Catherine

  6. I got mine done and my people notified, too. :) Hopefully, Anil P. from India will play. He is such a fabulous storyteller. He paints a grand canvas with colorful characters and beautiful pictures. Did I mention he is smart as everything? He is.

    Thanks for playing with me. It was fun and did take me back down some dusty roads in my mind.

  7. Great picture (LOVE those curls)! I so enjoyed looking at it and the story behind it. And I too love Photoshop.;)
    You can tag me anytime, I happily do tags twice.;))
    I agree with you on the passing on a tag; I have stopped doing it myself.;))
    Have a lovely day dear Kat,

  8. That is SO a 1970's photo - I can tell just from the hair and the clothing!

    I'll have to give this one some thought, I'll let ya know!

  9. Yes, it was a perm. I liked it at the time but I think it would drive me nuts now. Wish I could still find a decent pair of bellbottoms though :)

  10. Yes, it was a perm. I liked it at the time but I think it would drive me nuts now. Wish I could still find a decent pair of bellbottoms though :)

  11. I love looking at old photos, and hearing the stories behind them.

  12. Kat, such fun. Gosh, I wish I could find that skinny picture of me in bell bottoms in Miami. That was the cutest outfit.

    Thanks for playing along!


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