26 February 2011

Summertime Saturday Afternoon 4

This will be the last of the time travel posts for a while.
Spring is most certainly starting to show up around here and I want to admire every moment.
One of the benefits of living in the Southern USA.
I will share it with you.
But first,
The last of the Summertime Saturday Posts.

There, don't you feel warmer already?
These were taken on a Summer Trip to Hunting Island S.C.

22 February 2011

A little bit of winter and a little bit of spring.

 A very good friend of mine had an idea, I thought it was a good idea. So we jumped into her little car and headed north. North? In the winter? Yeah, sometimes you just have to do something silly.
We spent the weekend in Cherokee North Carolina. The drive was amazing! So pretty. 

                                                                 Snow by the roadside.
                                                                 Our trusty ride. 
 The Cherokee Casino is full of hand carved native art. This line of masks caught my attention.
Meanwhile back at home, our road doesn't have any snow, but it does look cold.  I love our walks, we find all sorts of surprises.

Last, but not least, the first of our Camellias has bloomed!

19 February 2011

Summertime Saturday Afternoon 3

Spring is arriving here at Kat's corner, but I know winter is still out there for many of you.
So, for today, I will climb back into the time machine,
and bring you another Summertime Saturday Afternoon.
These two shots are from our trip to Yellowstone in Summer 2009.

I will have some winter pictures, a very good friend and I went on a wintry road trip this week,
and some springtime pictures early in the week. Until then, enjoy a quick trip into summer.

05 February 2011

Moody winter woods and Summertime Saturdays

 As promised, here are a couple of moody wintry pictures of my woods.
It rained all day yesterday and is starting out wet today.
Can't you just feel the chilly damp?
There isn't any snow (thank goodness) but it is the kind of cold that gets into your bones.
How about we warm it up a little?
Since I love Summertime Saturday Afternoons, lets make each Saturday this month a summertime post.
Tell me a summer story, write a summer poem, post a summer picture.
We have a bit more winter to get through, lets warm up the weekends at least. 
Here is my first entry.
Doesn't that just lighten your mood?
If you decide to play, leave a comment with a link to your post so we can come check it out.

02 February 2011

What is this, a Wordy Wednesday?

Tis a sad tale I have to tell today. I thought I was better prepared...Well you see, it went like this, my lovely laptop (did you know that it is pink) was making funny noises the other day. Then it was not sure if it wanted to come on and play or not. I turned it off and back on, then it was fine...It did it again a few days later. Then it was fine... Well you know, I really need that thing for school work (it isn't for fun, honest :)....
So I backed up my school work, packed it up and took it in for the nice people to have a look.
Haven't heard anything yet, hopefully I will know by tomorrow.
The sad bit is I backed up picture for this post on my IPod and they are still on my camera. Well, I am afraid to hook the IPod to this computer as I don't know if I will lose my music and this computer does not have the software my camera needs yet. (I know that disk is here somewhere.....) So, instead of moody photos of my wintry cold but not snowy woods, you get a wordy Wednesday post. Wish me luck with the computer guys, I have not used them before.
Pictures soon, I promise!
I have been having a lovely day in spite of computer worries, hope you are too.


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