31 January 2011

A promise of things to come.

Look what my Sweet Husband brought in from the garden yesterday!
Have a nice Monday.

25 January 2011


The newest resident at Kat's Corner.
This is Vickie, she is sweet and never fusses. She does not scratch the furniture (Neither does Spontaneous) or ever have to be fed. She doesn't actually do much of anything, she is a virtual kitty on my Ipod Touch.
We all need ways to escape from the world on occasion. Play is quite therapeutic.
It helps keep stress related illness and grumpy spells at bay. Physical play, sports, long walks, or even just goofing off are great, but when the weather is wet and cold (again) it is nice to stay inside.
If you have been looking at this blog for very long, then you probably know how fond I am of my computer and my camera. Well, I have added a new tool to the set. My Ipod is both tool and toy. I can read homework on it, use it to post this blog (although typing is a little slow on it), check my email and lots of other things. You can add applications or apps to it to make it do even more stuff. I added a yellow pages, now when we are out goofing off, all we have to do is pull into a McDonald's or Starbucks parking lot (to hitch onto their Wi-fi) and I can look up the local pizza hut or what ever.
Can you tell I am having fun?
This is the virtual cat doing what she does most of, sleeping (one more way she is like Spontaneous). 
 This is another one of the games, it is called "Angry Birds Lite". Lite is the free version. I know why it is so popular. The idea sounds quite dumb, you use your finger to aim and pull a slingshot loaded with a bird. It flys into different structures full of green pigs. The object is to destroy the structures and the pigs. It is amazingly addictive. It is one of many new Physics based games, how you aim and how far you pull back actually make a difference.
While I am having fun, I wonder what my Dad would have thought about it. He loved technology. I remember when I got a transistor radio back in the 70's. It was round with a picture of a peace sign that was also a tree. It had a chain and you could wear it around your neck but it was heavy. It was probably 5 or 6 inches around. Dad took the back off to show me what it looked like inside. He pointed out resistors and how tiny everything was.
Dad was interested in the space program, he said it was encouraging scientists to do things better. He said that trying to make things smaller and lighter for the space program is how they managed to make my transistor radio so small. (For a little more on the space program and my Dad, see one of my favorite posts Space Cadet). No wonder I am a bit of a Geek. I am quite sure that if my Dad had lived a little longer, we would have had one of the early home computers. (We did not have a color TV until 1974 though because the old Black and White "worked just fine". He was thrifty). The picture above shows just how far we have come. I put 96 hours worth of music on this thing and the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes Stories as well as a bunch of other stuff and I still have plenty of room. It is tiny, less than 1/2 an inch thick yet I have no trouble reading on it. Yes, I am enthused. I can and already have been reading other blogs on it too. Several of my favorites are bookmarked. The case looks red, but it is actually pink.
I still appriciate the old fashioned. I can step outside and see sights like this without any technology at all. My home is another of my great stress relievers. I am very lucky to live in such a lovely place.
Technology helps me to share the beauty.
 Have you noticed how much pink is in this post? Good think I like pink.
Early morning Kitty.
This is my relaxation coach.
Spontaneous says toys are ok, as long as I don't stop petting her to play with them.
So, what do you like to play with?

21 January 2011

This moment.

Angel Wing Begonia and Aloe Vera
     A couple of my favorite bloggers have posted recently on savoring the moment. Alistair blogged about a particular moment and made me smile. Zuzana blogged about dreams verses plans, Carpe Diem, and as usual, she made me think.
     Today the sun is shinning but everything is muddy. I haven't taken many pictures this week and I have a long list of things to do. I almost decided to skip blogging. Almost. Then, I remember, blogging is not something I do for anyone else. I do it for me. I am glad that others enjoy it. I am so glad to have made so many wonderful friends. I blog because I enjoy it, whether I have new photos to show or not.
The picture above is one of my digital paintings, I don't remember if I have posted it or not. I just like the relaxed feel of it. So relax, check out Zuzana and Alistair's blogs, and have a lovely day.

My Sweet Husband just pulled a pizza out of the oven and we have a big pot of tea. I am going to seize the pizza, then seize the cat (she is warm and cuddly), then do my homework.

16 January 2011

Winter and some interesting sightings.

 I took this a couple of nights ago. The snow drifted into little peaks like waves then the sun came up and froze the top layer. When I looked out the windows at sunset, it looked like we were surrounded with water. Pretty, but creepy at the same time. I love living out in the country, and I am not alone, but this photo looks lonely to me.
 As you can see, we have ways of dealing with winter. This photo makes me feel warm and happy.
Although it is very rare for this much cold and snow to hang around this long.
I worked Thursday and Friday, then yesterday we went into Augusta GA.
I did not take any pictures of the yard this morning, it is a muddy mess with patches of dirty snow scattered around. It is also quite icy in places. I know several people who have been injured from slips on the ice.

Now, the sightings.
 How is this for a great lineup? How often do you get to see a Corvette, an SSR, and a Camaro all in a row?
We also saw piles where snow had been plowed. Highly unusual in Augusta.
Then at the end of the day when we stopped for coffee after dinner, we saw this lovely character.
Now that brought back some memories.
The owner has been doing the restoration himself.
Looks like it is well loved.
 I am also quite tickled with these photos because they were taken after dark with just the street lamps in the parking lot. I love my Fuji camera!
On that note, I will get back to school work.
I have to agree with the sentiment shown on the vans nose.
Spontaneous agrees.

10 January 2011

Warm weather critters.

It is unseasonably cold here at Kat's Corner.
This old antebellum home is warm and cozy but we received approximately four inches of snow last night and today. I know, that may not seam like much, but we just are not used to that sort of thing.
Anyway, to fight the cold, I am posting photos of warm weather creatures.
 Bird on a Savannah fountain
 Birds on a wire
 Crabby guy
 Orange and Black
Got any Pecans?
Hope that warms your heart. Which one is your favorite?


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