27 January 2013

A Beautiful Year (part 2)

 I am continuing the series of photos from 2012 that I consider beautiful. Our weather is rather cold right now (for the South at least) so it is a great time to sort through pictures.

I know it is a bit of a cliche, but it is still true.
Beauty is all around us, sometimes in the simplest things.
 There is a certain grace in the lines of older appliances. We had this Electrolux vacuum refurbished shortly after we got married and it still works like a charm (except on the stairs).
 Not just cute (although he is that), but beautiful (and curious too).
 I can't talk about beauty without mentioning this comfortable creature, Spontaneous the cat.
 View through the trees, Battery Park, Charleston SC. Don't the trees just look like they are dancing?
 Tasty things to come.
 He who makes me smile. My Sweet Husband does more to make my life beautiful than anyone or anything else (he is also quite easy on the eyes).
 My warm weather oasis. Can't wait to get back out there with a lovely cup of tea. You can't see it, but there are two chairs, so my Sweetie can join me.

The road home.
What could be more beautiful than that.


19 January 2013

A Beautiful Year (part 1).

I do not really go for formal New Year's Resolutions, but a new year is a good time to restart good habits. This new year has me contemplating beauty. I plan to spend more time dwelling on the good, and less time dwelling on the bad. I am reaffirming my quest for the good things in life.
My computer has altogether too many photos on it. I had an idea for a post while sorting through the photos from 2012. I decided to share some of my favorites (sorting photos is an excellent job for a cold grey winter's day). Starting with last January and working through in no particular order, here is part one of my beautiful year.
On Beauty
Some things are universally excepted as beautiful. Bright yellow flowers tend to make us smile.


This photo was taken Jan 14, 2012. My Daffodils were already in bloom. They are not out yet this year, but just looking at this photograph makes me warm.

 Tiny Yellow Blossom
Botany is not my area of expertise I have no idea what this lovely little flower is called.  It was growing in Charleston SC.

 Dogwood Buds.
I know what these are, the dogwood grows in my front yard. The tree is bare right now, but when spring finally arrives, it will amaze us once again.

 Bee in the Azaleas.
This photo pleases me on many levels. It appeals to my eyes, and it brings warmer days to mind. Can't you just here the buzzing? Our wild bees left us last year in search of a new hive. We still see plenty of bees, but it isn't quite the same.

 Perfect Petals.

 Early Morning Surprise.
This photo may not be what my photographer friend refers to as "Tack Sharp" but sometimes the beauty is not in the photograph itself, but in the feelings it invokes. I was walking down to the mailbox early one morning last spring and I heard birds singing. I looked up to see this traveling choir. I was transfixed. I must have stood there listening for ten or fifteen minutes before I even thought to use the camera I was holding in my hand (yes, I carry a camera when I walk down to check the mail, don't you?). When I look at this picture, I can step into that magical moment once again.

 Mistletoe and Moonshine.
 I pass under this mistletoe every time I leave home. My Sweet Husband always kisses me goodbye standing under it. Maybe that is part of our secret. We have been together for a very long time and amazingly, we are still very much in love. Mistletoe and moonlight make me think of him.

 Barn in early summer.
This old barn is kind of a trademark for the blog. It is so very photogenic year round. You can see the back of the barn from the main road for most of the year. The house hides a little better and is really only visible when there are no leaves on the surrounding trees. I can almost smell the summer here.

Gaurdian at the door.
I do not know this fine feline's name.  We spotted her on duty in front of one of Charleston SC's fine old houses. She seems to be taking her duties seriously. 

 Reflections of the past.
This window is part of a building that is being restored. So the picture shows promise for the future too.

The future holds another post like this one, so if you enjoyed it, stay tuned.
I hope you find beauty in your day too.

12 January 2013

Beautiful Things

When life is moving fast, it becomes even more important to look for beauty. When you find it, let it feed your soul, and then share it with someone else.


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