20 February 2013

Wordless Wednesday

17 February 2013

February Beauty

It is still cold here in the South, especially at night.
Spring is on it's way.
I went for a walk with my Sweet Husband and my camera so I could share it with you.
 Daffodils are usually one of the first things to open. We have quite a few bulbs. Mother Nature must like them here as they have spread into the woods as well. I transplanted some bulbs to the front of the house last year. Those are not open yet, but they will be soon.
Delicate Daffodil  
 Forsythia Blossoms
 This Forsythia is just down the road, off in the woods. I wonder if there was a house there at some time in the past, or if the birds dropped a seed. I don't think they grow wild here as if they did, there would be more of them.
 It was getting late in the evening when I took these photos. I usually don't use the flash but in this case, I like the effect. This one is a collage put together from three of the best shots.
 One of my Rosemarys is blooming! I have two, they are slightly different. One came from Lowes Home Improvement Store. It was about 10 inches high and shaped like a Christmas Tree. The other came from our churchyard down in Charleston. Rosemary symbolizes remembrance. As part of a Remembrance Day service, little sprigs of rosemary were placed on cards with a poem and given to everyone as they entered the church. I brought mine home, put it in water, and it took root. I kept it in a pot for awhile then transplanted it outside. As you can see, it is thriving.
 I love this picture. Our pecan tree is old and it does not produce many pecans (the squirrels tend to beat us to what it does put out). I think it is graceful and as beautiful without leaves as it is with them. It stands between the smoke house and the summer kitchen (partially visible on the right).
 Just a few minutes later, Mother Nature painted the sky and I had to get the camera back out.
As the sun drops lower, so do the temperatures. I told myself, I need to put the camera away and go inside, but how can I resist? Just one more....
Inside the fire is going and Spontaneous enjoys one of her favorite winter pastimes, sprawling on the floor in front of the fire. Frequently in adorable poses as if to say, "Don't put the camera away yet, I am being cute just for you".
Have a lovely cozy week.

07 February 2013

Writing a wrong.

My friend Brian has something important to say and I could not have said it nearly as well so I am linking to his post. If you love cats, please check out this link.
Brians homeThankful Thursday writing a wrong


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