08 May 2016

The Vagabond's Bride

It has been over a year since I posted anything here. This blog has been good for me (remember I started it as a stress management tool), and I have made some wonderful friends through it. After seven and a half years, I am running out of things related to our life here to post. After all, how many times can I post pictures of the same stretch of road? Yes, we still travel, but not all the time.

I started a new blog, over on tumbler. It is all about our travels, past present and future.
I'll post links here, let me know what you think.

Here is the first link  Peaceful

21 February 2015

Winter Wonder or How can something so cold, be so beautiful?

Our adventure last weekend took us someplace warm and lovely,
then Tuesday morning, 
Ice Storm

Cold, but lovely

My Sweet Husband took all but the last photo for me.
Thanks Love!

The old barn
 Visiting Vultures
 Ice bud
Dogwood in ice 
 Close up
Cold Visitor

Stay warm and cozy

15 February 2015

Somewhere it is Summertime

It was a cold and dreary day. February seems to be getting colder instead of warmer. The wind was howling but the skies were blue, we decided to bundle up and see if we could find a little bit of Summer.
The beginning of the path looked a little grey.
We had gone this way before, and we knew that
Just around the corner, 
There would be magic.
Thought I saw something over there, was it a Fairy?
Maybe not,
Sometimes all you need to do is look closely and believe. 

 The air was decidedly warmer in this part of the woods.
Just what we needed.
We saw a wild orchid.  
 Then we saw a couple of wild Fairies.
 We saw some spectacular mushrooms.
I thought this one would be a great place for Fairies to hide,
but didn't see any there.
 Did you know Fairies had pets?
 I took this along the trail. Doesn't look like February does it?
Just looking at it made me feel warmer.
 As we walked, the trail became even more magical.
 We even saw some butterflies.
 I tried to capture one of the Fairies and a little summer to bring back with me. As you can see, he was not happy, I was afraid bringing him back into winter might not be good for him, so I let him go.

All good things must come to an end. As we returned to the house, the trail gradually returned to winter.
Apparently, not all Fairies crave summer, and they are very curious. I think this one followed us home.
Hope our little journey warmed you up.
Maybe there is a magical path somewhere near you.


08 February 2015

Tall Gothic Window

We started a new project on the house last year and back in September, I updated you on the progress.
See Window Project for a reminder.
Well, the first phase is complete.
Beverly and Dave brought a friend, Justin, to help with the heavy work.

Beverly Joosten and the Tall Gothic Window

Tall Gothic Window in place on the landing

As for me, well, since mid November, I have been working 50 + hours per week. 

 My Sweet Husband decided I needed a break.
Yesterday, we went on a long walk in the woods, and I took my camera.

I found Tranquility, and decided to share some with you.

Here is hoping you find some tranquility too.


02 November 2014

An early morning surprise, and lots more photos of Autumn in the woods.

The other day, I stepped outside to see, visitors.
In this part of the South, if you live in an old white house,
Ladybugs on the porch mean cold weather is on it's way.
Ladybugs are attracted to light colors when they start looking for someplace to spend the winter.  What better place to spend a winter, than in a lovely old Antebellum home in the woods. 
 Evening in the woods
Since our adventure last week, we have been leaving for our walks a little earlier. I took the camera with me again last Sunday evening. The lighting and leaves were lovely.
 Autumn sky
It was a lovely evening for a long walk. 
My Sweet Husband is the best of company.
Glanced out one bedroom window yesterday morning, and got a serious surprise, can you see it? No, it is not the plant, 
(The plant is an Angel Wing Begonia, it's always that lovely color).
Yes, you heard me right, Snow on November first in South Carolina.
Apparently this is the earliest recorded snowfall for this area. 
I am not ready yet! Still enjoying Fall....
 Oaks with snow
The oaks out front and the lawn were lightly dusted. 
 Antebellum porch with snow
The flakes were huge, here you can see a view across the front porch. We don't usually get snow while the leaves are still on the trees. I think it made for some wonderful pictures. 
 Another view from the Antebellum porch
Here is a view from the side. 
 Autumn leaves and snow
 Snow on the path
As you can see, the dogwood's leaves are turning, the snow seems to emphasize the colors.
 Old Barn in snow
The old post and beam barn looks nice year round. 
 Autumn color with snow
 38 degrees Fahrenheit, 4 degrees Celsius.
Fahrenheit sounds warmer.
 Pecan Tragedy
The oldest Pecan tree, lost a large limb from the weight. 
A few other trees lost smaller limbs as well.
 The Summer Kitchen with snow
The old summer kitchen looks quite romantic in the snow.
 Old Smoke House in the snow
 Oak and Elm
 Floating leaf
By the time we went for our walk, the snow was gone.
The woods are getting lovelier by the day. 
 Leaves on the road
I love to take walks on country roads.
This time of year, there is beauty around every corner.
 Curve in the road
See what I mean?
 Color and contrast
 Gold in the sky

Leafy Collage
I will stop for now, my brunch is almost ready.
It is a great time of year to live in the woods.
Especially in a lovely snug old Antebellum Home.



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