15 February 2015

Somewhere it is Summertime

It was a cold and dreary day. February seems to be getting colder instead of warmer. The wind was howling but the skies were blue, we decided to bundle up and see if we could find a little bit of Summer.
The beginning of the path looked a little grey.
We had gone this way before, and we knew that
Just around the corner, 
There would be magic.
Thought I saw something over there, was it a Fairy?
Maybe not,
Sometimes all you need to do is look closely and believe. 

 The air was decidedly warmer in this part of the woods.
Just what we needed.
We saw a wild orchid.  
 Then we saw a couple of wild Fairies.
 We saw some spectacular mushrooms.
I thought this one would be a great place for Fairies to hide,
but didn't see any there.
 Did you know Fairies had pets?
 I took this along the trail. Doesn't look like February does it?
Just looking at it made me feel warmer.
 As we walked, the trail became even more magical.
 We even saw some butterflies.
 I tried to capture one of the Fairies and a little summer to bring back with me. As you can see, he was not happy, I was afraid bringing him back into winter might not be good for him, so I let him go.

All good things must come to an end. As we returned to the house, the trail gradually returned to winter.
Apparently, not all Fairies crave summer, and they are very curious. I think this one followed us home.
Hope our little journey warmed you up.
Maybe there is a magical path somewhere near you.



  1. Maybe those cute fairies will bring us some warm weather!

  2. are you in the path of this storm?
    its about to get really winter here...ha
    we are already out of school tomorrow
    in anticipation....

    1. We may get the tail end of it, but I don't think it will be worrisome. Bundle up, be safe, stay warm and most of all enjoy your break.


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