27 December 2010

Southern Snowstorm at Kat's Corner.

As I said in my last post, I had to work this weekend. I really don't mind. We spent all those years in the Air Force so we are used to celebrating our holidays when we can. A calender is just a reminder,
not a commandment.
Some time, very late, on Christmas night, it started to snow. It didn't stick to the roads so my drive to work was safe. I have not driven in snow for several years, I had forgotten how pretty it is.
I know, several of my favorite readers will probably laugh at me, but I really am not used to winter any more. I enjoy the beauty, but I hate the cold. I grew up in Northern Utah, plenty of snow there. Here it is still a rare thing. Our storm last winter was quite unusual and quickly melted.
Anyway, yesterday, while I was at work, it continued to snow. Sometimes big fluffy flurries, sometimes sleet. Most of it melted as it hit the ground.
I did not see much of it as we were quite busy. My Sweet Hubby knows me well, he grabbed my camera so he could share it with me when I got home. now I would like to share it with you.

 The barn
 Peace in the snow,
Smoke house,
 This morning, when I finally talked myself into getting up, it was still a winter wonderland out in the yard.
I just had to take the camera out. Cold though, Brrrrr!
 This old boxwood, next to the steps, is snowy.
 Pandora looks cold.
 My Sweet Husbands little corolla is wearing a blanket of snow.
My pickup is mostly bare, I had to clean it off before I drove home last night.
 I don't think Gargoyles like the cold either.
 The magnolia is beautiful year round.
No worries. Isn't this a comforting sight?
My Sweetheart made a big pot of Earl Grey tea and German Apple Pancakes for breakfast.
The fire is toasty and I don't have to go anywhere.
I hope you are all as warm and content as I am.

25 December 2010

Happy Christmas Festivities.

I have to work today.
Lucky for me, we are flexible.
We had our Christmas on Thursday and Friday.
(Why not make it two days?)
Traditions at this old antebellum include at least one game of "Dich nicht!".
As you can see, the board has been played with a few times over the years.
My Sweet Hubby's Mom was from Germany. He grew up playing this game with her.
We have the original, and think of her whenever we play.
The game is also known as Parcheesi, or Sorry, or Aggravation.
My family had aggravation, so the tradition comes from both sides.
Here is another of our favorites.
Trivial Pursuit.
We have had this version since the late 1980's and we do have one extra card set.
It is a lot of fun. Have you ever played either game?
I have to get ready to go to work.
If I don't get to distracted later, I will try to post a few more pictures.
I hope your festivities are as fun and full of love as ours were.
Merry Christmas!

20 December 2010

Winter mornings.

 Early morning light.
Doesn't it look peaceful?
When I was younger, I worked full time and helped my Sweet Husband care for the family. Each year I baked and crafted my way through Christmas.
I devoured magazine articles that told me I needed to "de-stress" the holidays.
Every year I piled on the things I "had" to do,
while my Sweet Hubby laughed at my 2:00 am Christmas Eve Finishes.
Life stepped in.
My Mom and In-laws are gone.
My siblings and I have stopped exchanging gifts.
We no longer live near enough to make cookies for the Airmen in the dorm.
Now it is just my Sweet Husband and me.
I still can't seem to just sit back and enjoy the season.
Even with a heavier than ever school load and a difficult job,
I still want to send out hand made cards.
The new oven is begging me to bake cookies and
I saw the cutest idea for beaded ornaments.
Maybe the hubbub and stress is the only way I know to enjoy Christmas...

North Carolina Wreath
Now, on a totally different note
Visitors in the back yard.
Turkey Vultures.

10 December 2010


 Saw this lovely old tree on the way home the other day.
It was so perfect, I had to stop and take this picture so I could share.
This is the Christmas tree at Kat's Corner this year.
Quite nice if I do says so myself.

08 December 2010

Abbeville Christmas time.

 This year's "Parade of Homes" Christmas tour in Abbeville SC was excellent.
 My Sweet Husband and I rode took a ride in this lovely vehicle.
The stables have just been restored. They will be used for all sorts of events.
This fine pair pulled our carriage.
One of Abbeville's citizens.
 Here is another. What a pile of fluff!
 All the buildings on town square have been repainted this year.
Don't they look great?
 Christmas and toy trains go together.
This one is big enough for the kids to ride on.
They also had civil war reenacters, plenty of people in period costumes and
lots of tasty treats.
As they say,
Y'all come back now.


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