20 December 2010

Winter mornings.

 Early morning light.
Doesn't it look peaceful?
When I was younger, I worked full time and helped my Sweet Husband care for the family. Each year I baked and crafted my way through Christmas.
I devoured magazine articles that told me I needed to "de-stress" the holidays.
Every year I piled on the things I "had" to do,
while my Sweet Hubby laughed at my 2:00 am Christmas Eve Finishes.
Life stepped in.
My Mom and In-laws are gone.
My siblings and I have stopped exchanging gifts.
We no longer live near enough to make cookies for the Airmen in the dorm.
Now it is just my Sweet Husband and me.
I still can't seem to just sit back and enjoy the season.
Even with a heavier than ever school load and a difficult job,
I still want to send out hand made cards.
The new oven is begging me to bake cookies and
I saw the cutest idea for beaded ornaments.
Maybe the hubbub and stress is the only way I know to enjoy Christmas...

North Carolina Wreath
Now, on a totally different note
Visitors in the back yard.
Turkey Vultures.


  1. Wow!! Real vultures!!! Amazing!!

    Awwww I hope you have a completely relaxed and enjoyable and happy christmas!! I hope you get to make your cards and ornaments and bake tons!

    Take care

  2. smiles. hope you are having a great holiday...and baking a few cookies would not hurt as long as you are sharing...

  3. Dear Kat, these are stunning images! And what a lovely new Holiday look here as well.
    I have visited last week but your page would not allow me to comment and i could not email you, so I am happy I can comment again.;))

  4. The photos you posted are really beautiful.
    I can understand how you are feeling. Holiday season is stressful for some people because of all the preparations; for some of them it is a fun time because of parties, gatherings with family and friends, but for so many people it is the time filled with sadness, loneliness because some dear persons passed away and some of them live far away, some are suffering due to illness, due to shortage of money... Stress is our enemy and please don't think it is the only way you know to enjoy Christmas. I am sure that once you dreamed about days without stress. There is no use of comparing today with the past. Enjoy the present and try to celebrate the holidays in a new way.
    Wishing you Merry and Blessed Christmas! :-))

  5. Great photos! And what a great blog, so festive and cosy :) It's lovely to have met you and hope you're having a wonderful holiday week. Take care,
    Roisin x

  6. Maybe you just have to start with baby steps in slowing down for Christmas. I know with just the 3 of us this year, I had to not let myself do a whole bunch of baking. It's hard though. But I think you and your hubby are going to have a wonderful quiet Christmas.

    I hope you don't have too much homework or studying to do Kat ~ try to relax ~ you deserve it!

    Wishing you a beautiful Christmas friend!
    xo Catherine

  7. Very beautiful blog~! And lovely peacefully photos~~~~
    Merry Christmas to you!


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