13 December 2011

Time Warp Tuesday

"And now, for something completely different" as Monty Python used to say.
OK, admit it,
how many of you are big kids?
I took a quick trip back in time the other day,
to watch

I can't remember how to embed the actual video here, but the link should work.
For some reason, this version is subtitled in German.

When you are done watching this one,
(it takes less than 10 minutes and will brighten your day)
Take a peak at this list

I have been watching them while I Iron.
They do take me back in time.
Next post will be more the usual.
But I really wanted to share these with you.
Let me know what you think,
Hope it makes you all smile.
Kat, and Spontaneous

02 December 2011

Contest winner, and one happy cat.

Corner of Cat's Mind: What kind of nip do you grow down there in the South? Just a quick note about the contest I held last month. I took pictures of the prizes so I could show you. I wanted to wait till the winner, Catherine, received the package so she would be surprised.
She posted about the prize on her blog and her post is just to cute! So follow the link above and I will let Catherine tell you about it.

28 November 2011

Short post

I have had a lovely busy weekend. We did not go anywhere exciting, just stayed home and concentrated on the important things. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
We have been quite busy around here.
We cleared this area,
and added the rock garden.

 We planted lots of bulbs around this tree.
 Can you believe we still have tadpoles?
If you look close where the arrow is you can see him under the reflected leaves.
The inset is focused a little more on him.
 This is the tree that was reflected in the last picture.
I took these just a few days ago,
yet nearly every leaf has fallen from this tree now.
 The barn, 
 The dogwood tree at it's autumn peak.
It has lost nearly every leaf too.
 Look at all those leaves!
 We get some particularly spectacular sunsets this time of year.
We have much to be thankful for here.
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! 

19 November 2011

Oops, one more look at last summer.

I was looking through all the pictures on my computer,
(there are probably way too many)
when I realized, I had not posted these.
So, since it is much cooler and a little overcast here today
and since some of you are already into winter,
I decided to post one more look at Summer in the South.
(These pictures were taken several months ago, it is not that green right now.)
 Yellow Summer Flowers,
Doesn't looking at this just warm you up?
 This one looks exotic.
I love the macro.
 Busy Bee.
Oh summer, I miss you already.
 Baby Black Bear up a tree.
OK, have you ever been told,
that if you are chased by a bear,
you should climb a tree?
 Mama Bear,
This just goes to show,
climbing a tree will not slow down a black bear.
There were actually two cubs up there but I could not get
both in one shot.
 Mama and Baby eating acorns,
Apparently they like acorns,
No worries,
I was using the zoom lens,
these guys were way up in the tree tops.
At one point, Mama Bear started to climb down,
the people below moved very fast getting away from the tree.
(Me included)
Later that day. 
Why am I wearing this funny hat and why am I grinning so hard?
 Navitat Zip Lines,
Now those of you who know me, will remember,
that I am afraid of heights.
I refuse to let that stop me.
When I was in the Air Force, I knew that being afraid of heights could cost my career,
so I went where I had to and did not let anyone know.
(You would not believe how high up the light on the tail of an aircraft can be.)
 Sara, one of our guides, hooking up my Sweet Husband's harness.
I asked him to go first.
 There he goes, he took right to it.
 I'm going where?
and I am doing what?
 Zipping is a rush! I had a blast.
This rope bridge was much scarier for some reason.
I was petrified all the way across.
I did not stop to take pictures!
I did it!
I did it several times!
I want to do it again!
Yes, I am nuts!
Want to join me next summer?

As I post this morning,
I am sitting in front of a lovely warm fire
and listening to Christmas music.
I don't really miss summer,
I am enjoying my autumn too much.
Have a lovely weekend,

17 November 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am a very lucky girl!

14 November 2011

Getting ready for winter.

It has been a busy week around here.
We have been working on the garden,
My Sweet husband is almost done with the last mowing of the season
and I have been putting in bulbs for spring.
We even picked up another load of wood to season for later.
The Barn,
as you can see, I did take time for a few photos.
Early Moon rise
This vine provides a nice decorative touch to the fence post.
Color in the woods,
Just down the road aways,
Mushrooms playing peek-a-boo with each other,
see the one underneath?
Isn't it lovely here?
Hope you are ready for winter,
it is on its way.

10 November 2011

Thankful Thursday, with cats.

We went to the Cotton States Cat Club Show near Atlanta
not long ago and I promised more pictures.
Their theme was "Purrfect Holidays"
A sign near the adoptable kitties said
"Home for the Holidays"

Since this is Thankful Thursday,
and I have so much to be Thankful for,
I thought I would let the cats illustrate for me.
 I am thankful for my lovely family,
 and a cozy place to play,
 I am thankful to have someone who's touch makes me smile,
 I'm thankful that there are so many interesting things in this world,
 and for my Sisters,
 I'm thankful for fresh water,
 my health,
 Like this kitty here who knocked over his number at the judges arena,
I am thankful to be more than just a number,
 I'm thankful that someone loves me,
even when I am grumpy,
 and for my lovely hair,
(mine isn't quite this curly)
 I'm thankful for all the tasty things,
 and for a good nights sleep,

for you,
and for all of the lovely blogs that I read regularly,
Have a Purrfect day,

05 November 2011

Sneak Peak!

We just got home from a day trip to Atlanta!
Guess what we did while we were there?
Here is a sneak peak.

 We played peek-a-boo
 We met Whit.
 We saw some sweet little faces.
(You know this little guy is pleading innocent).
 We watched belly rolls.
And we met Jon Ti Twilight.
(What is he thinking about?)

I will post much more soon,
(I have 239 pictures so I have got to weed through them a little)
p.s. if you were at the cat show and any of theses kitties are yours,
send me an email and I will gladly email you copies of the photos.


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