10 November 2011

Thankful Thursday, with cats.

We went to the Cotton States Cat Club Show near Atlanta
not long ago and I promised more pictures.
Their theme was "Purrfect Holidays"
A sign near the adoptable kitties said
"Home for the Holidays"

Since this is Thankful Thursday,
and I have so much to be Thankful for,
I thought I would let the cats illustrate for me.
 I am thankful for my lovely family,
 and a cozy place to play,
 I am thankful to have someone who's touch makes me smile,
 I'm thankful that there are so many interesting things in this world,
 and for my Sisters,
 I'm thankful for fresh water,
 my health,
 Like this kitty here who knocked over his number at the judges arena,
I am thankful to be more than just a number,
 I'm thankful that someone loves me,
even when I am grumpy,
 and for my lovely hair,
(mine isn't quite this curly)
 I'm thankful for all the tasty things,
 and for a good nights sleep,

for you,
and for all of the lovely blogs that I read regularly,
Have a Purrfect day,


  1. We'd be thankful for forever homes for the kitties waiting for adoption. :-)

    The mom has gone twice to the cat show held here every February and the best part for her is the judging of the house cats, most of whom are rescues/adoptees. The best part for us is that she brings us back toys!

  2. Awwww what a most gorgeous post - my jaw is aching from me going "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"!! Love these sweet adorable wonderful kitties!! Thanks for sharing! Take care

  3. awww...they are all so adorable...how did you not steal them all...haha...

  4. Cats our nice, but my oldest son is seriously allergic to them. So no more kitties for us! He doesn't live with us, but he does drop in and spend the night at times! Plus life has been simpler since our old BOOTS died.

  5. Mwaaaa! So many sweet kitties here! I would want to slip all of them into my pocket and take them home with me! Haha! Nope...best not become a cat hoarder... ;)

    Happy weekend to you Kat!
    xo Catherine

  6. Awww, wonderful photos. Such cuties.

  7. Beautiful photos of thankful cats. They are a gal's best friends. Happy Thanksgiving to the family. Love from the Jarvis House.

  8. I am really allergic to cats but I always love to see them...no sniffles or itches from looking at pictures.

  9. Very nicely done! There are some real cuties in that mix!


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