29 September 2012

Saturday Morning at home

I am feeling particularly well loved and spoiled this morning.
 Home made, cheese and mushroom pizza.
 Hungry yet?
and you know I did not make it.
This masterpiece represents quite a bit of work.
My Sweet Husband even stuffs the crust with cheese,
just for me.
Know what is even better?
I get most of the left overs.
I got to spend time on the balcony with a lovely cup of tea while I waited too.
Isn't that a nice way to start a weekend.

15 September 2012

Walking in the woods

I went for a walk in the woods with my camera. I have not done that for a while. I should do it more often as our woods are changing. The trees that were planted after the last timber harvest are growing fast. Summer is nearly gone and the woods will change even more with the seasons. Here are AF we photos. div align="center"> 

This is an experimental post. I am posting from my IPod. Does it look the same to you?
As a reminder, a while back I said I would give a prize for the 2000th comment. We are getting very close so leave me a message when you stop by, you might win.
More soon.

13 September 2012


This was supposed to be a wordless Wednesday, but it would not load.
It is a 15 second treat for the cats.

09 September 2012

Ten things I will miss when Summer is gone.

Summer will linger a bit longer here in the South,
but autumn is definitely on her way.
We had tea on the balcony yesterday morning, and there was just a tiny bit of a "nip" in the air.
So, I am taking a few minutes to appreciate some of my favorite things about the season.
1. Wild Grapes.

2. Bright flowers.

3. Spontaneous cooling off in the sink.

4. Mushrooms.

5. Tiny visitors.

6. Tea on the balcony with my Sweet Husband.

7. Home made Ice Cream.

8. Summer sunsets.

9. Leaving the door open in the evenings and listening to the night.

10. More lovely flowers, these smell great.
What are your favorite parts of Summer?

04 September 2012

Gourmet Grits!

My status as a Yankee, or even D_ _ _ Yankee,
depends on who you are talking too.
If I remember my history correctly,
Utah's becoming a state upset the balance of power between states with slaves and states without.
Utah did send a regiment to fight on the Union side of the Civil War.
I do not think the founding fathers of the time were really interested in the outcome,
they were given the old "If you are not with us, you are against us" speech and they really did not want the federal government coming after them (Please keep in mind, my Utah history classes took place a long time ago).
It is true that I grew up in Northern Utah,
but the western culture is quite different from the Northern one.
Visit New York, then visit Salt Lake City and you will feel like you are in different countries.
I love New York, but I am definitely a Westerner.
I am certainly not a true Southerner either, for one thing,
I can not eat boiled peanuts and the idea of Sweet Tea, sets my teeth on edge.
I do however, enjoy my Grits.
If you want to try them, here is how;
Use "Quick Grits", not instant. Instant grits have too much salt.
Cut a small sweet red or yellow pepper into thin strips. Then cut the strips into bite size chunks.
Put the pepper pieces into the microwave for about 45 seconds.
Pull them out and stir.
Cut one or two mushrooms into thin slices.
Add them to the peppers and put back into the microwave for about 35 seconds.
Set the peppers and mushrooms aside.
For a single serving of Grits, pour one quarter cup of grits and one cup of water into a container that holds at least 4 cups. This is important, if you do not use a big enough container, it will boil over.
Microwave for four minutes.
Remove carefully, they will be hot.
Pour grits into bowel, add peppers and mushrooms.
Garnish with cheese. You can add an egg if you would like.
Very important step, put the container you cooked them in to soak in hot water,
before you sit down to eat the grits. Makes clean up much easier.
Now, enjoy a real Southern Treat.
Sorry there aren't any (should I have said "ain't"?) pictures,
I just ate the evidence.
P.S. for anyone who is wondering, according to a Southern friend, a D _ _ _ Yankee, is one who plans on staying. :)

02 September 2012

Summer Pastimes.

Our Summer is nearly gone, but it has been a good one.
We saw a Baseball game at Wrigley Field.
 Play Ball!
 Cubs VS Astros.
 Now that is a unique site.
 Baseball and Hot Dogs!
No Ketchup please, we are in Chicago.
 Cubs Won!
 Another way to cool off on a hot summer day.
Visit an aquarium.
 The interior of the Shedd Aquarium reminds me of Atlantis.
 Sea Horse.
 Pretty fish.
 Jelly Fish.
 More jelly fish.
One of Chicago's specialties,
Deep Dish Pizza. It really is unique.
That's all for now.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend.


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