09 September 2012

Ten things I will miss when Summer is gone.

Summer will linger a bit longer here in the South,
but autumn is definitely on her way.
We had tea on the balcony yesterday morning, and there was just a tiny bit of a "nip" in the air.
So, I am taking a few minutes to appreciate some of my favorite things about the season.
1. Wild Grapes.

2. Bright flowers.

3. Spontaneous cooling off in the sink.

4. Mushrooms.

5. Tiny visitors.

6. Tea on the balcony with my Sweet Husband.

7. Home made Ice Cream.

8. Summer sunsets.

9. Leaving the door open in the evenings and listening to the night.

10. More lovely flowers, these smell great.
What are your favorite parts of Summer?


  1. Yes, there's lots to miss! I am not looking forward to ice storms.

  2. homemade ice cream....mm....love it...my grapes are already gone....though still trying to keep cool just like the cat...cool morning this AM though...

  3. Awwwwww what fabulous summer memories! Sigh!!

    I'll miss the warmth! LOL! Take care

  4. I'll miss:

    the scent of the sea on the evening breeze
    Swallows tumbling around the house or charging across the garden like express trains.
    Coffee on the doorstep.
    Fledgling birds beside me because they haven't learned fear.
    Blue sky reflected on the water.
    Melons, peaches and apricots that actually taste of something.
    Long days.
    The smell of newly cut grass from the lawn.
    Drinking G+T outside.
    The Edinburgh Festival.


So, what do you think? Did you like it? I love hearing from you.


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