19 November 2011

Oops, one more look at last summer.

I was looking through all the pictures on my computer,
(there are probably way too many)
when I realized, I had not posted these.
So, since it is much cooler and a little overcast here today
and since some of you are already into winter,
I decided to post one more look at Summer in the South.
(These pictures were taken several months ago, it is not that green right now.)
 Yellow Summer Flowers,
Doesn't looking at this just warm you up?
 This one looks exotic.
I love the macro.
 Busy Bee.
Oh summer, I miss you already.
 Baby Black Bear up a tree.
OK, have you ever been told,
that if you are chased by a bear,
you should climb a tree?
 Mama Bear,
This just goes to show,
climbing a tree will not slow down a black bear.
There were actually two cubs up there but I could not get
both in one shot.
 Mama and Baby eating acorns,
Apparently they like acorns,
No worries,
I was using the zoom lens,
these guys were way up in the tree tops.
At one point, Mama Bear started to climb down,
the people below moved very fast getting away from the tree.
(Me included)
Later that day. 
Why am I wearing this funny hat and why am I grinning so hard?
 Navitat Zip Lines,
Now those of you who know me, will remember,
that I am afraid of heights.
I refuse to let that stop me.
When I was in the Air Force, I knew that being afraid of heights could cost my career,
so I went where I had to and did not let anyone know.
(You would not believe how high up the light on the tail of an aircraft can be.)
 Sara, one of our guides, hooking up my Sweet Husband's harness.
I asked him to go first.
 There he goes, he took right to it.
 I'm going where?
and I am doing what?
 Zipping is a rush! I had a blast.
This rope bridge was much scarier for some reason.
I was petrified all the way across.
I did not stop to take pictures!
I did it!
I did it several times!
I want to do it again!
Yes, I am nuts!
Want to join me next summer?

As I post this morning,
I am sitting in front of a lovely warm fire
and listening to Christmas music.
I don't really miss summer,
I am enjoying my autumn too much.
Have a lovely weekend,


  1. oh that is so cool on the zip line...there is one on the gorge that we want to do...i think it is a 3 hour tree top tour...cool on the bear sighting as well...been a while since i saw one..

  2. That is so ride you took, hooay for you! That did look fun!!!

  3. Wow!! What great pics!! First the gorgeous flowers and then the adorable bears - that's really AWESOME!! and then you and hubby flying across trees!! WOW!!

    Take care

  4. Wow, I would too run away from that bear, but that is a stunning capture.;)
    Indeed, at times it is liberating to do something that seemingly is scary, oh how I admire you.;))

  5. Ah, a lovely reminders of summer with sunny flowers. I love summer, but I have to say I'm an autumn person and love being cosy and warm by the fire too.
    The photos of the sweet bears in the treetops are wonderful, Kat! ;-)
    I think you are brave that you faced your fears and went down that Zip line. Very scary stuff being that high up!

    Have a good week,

  6. Your pictures are so warm and enjoyable. Spring has always been my favorite season, but Fall is starting to creep up on it.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Rather you than me, Kat, that looks way too scary for me. Good for you conquering your fears. Those bears look so cute, how deceptive looks can be.


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