16 January 2011

Winter and some interesting sightings.

 I took this a couple of nights ago. The snow drifted into little peaks like waves then the sun came up and froze the top layer. When I looked out the windows at sunset, it looked like we were surrounded with water. Pretty, but creepy at the same time. I love living out in the country, and I am not alone, but this photo looks lonely to me.
 As you can see, we have ways of dealing with winter. This photo makes me feel warm and happy.
Although it is very rare for this much cold and snow to hang around this long.
I worked Thursday and Friday, then yesterday we went into Augusta GA.
I did not take any pictures of the yard this morning, it is a muddy mess with patches of dirty snow scattered around. It is also quite icy in places. I know several people who have been injured from slips on the ice.

Now, the sightings.
 How is this for a great lineup? How often do you get to see a Corvette, an SSR, and a Camaro all in a row?
We also saw piles where snow had been plowed. Highly unusual in Augusta.
Then at the end of the day when we stopped for coffee after dinner, we saw this lovely character.
Now that brought back some memories.
The owner has been doing the restoration himself.
Looks like it is well loved.
 I am also quite tickled with these photos because they were taken after dark with just the street lamps in the parking lot. I love my Fuji camera!
On that note, I will get back to school work.
I have to agree with the sentiment shown on the vans nose.
Spontaneous agrees.


  1. And I agree too Kat.


  2. I thought at first you had a flood outside your window!

  3. Ooh it does look like you are surrounded by water doesn't it?!?! But I'm glad you have that lovely fire going!!!

    Great pics of these shiny cars and the van!!! :-)

    Awwww beautiful Spontaneous is just perfect!!!! Take care

  4. The first shot here is particularly spooky for me Kat, given the flooding we've endured here in Australia recently and still ongoing, not my place, fortunately for me, but elsewhere. And yes, it does look lonely, though not elsewhere.

  5. that snow is kinda cool creepy...but i would not mind being by that fire...and the VW van is really cool...

  6. You are right about the first picture. I viewed it initially as beautiful, but then I read your text and changed my mind. I mean, I still see it as gorgeous, but now I feel the apprehension of loneliness too... So strange, that has never happened to me before.
    I too love my fireplace in winter. Unfortunately, here the winter is taking a bit of a breather and snow has vanished.;)
    Your kitty sure knows how too relax, just like mine does.;))
    Have a great week and keep warm,


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