05 February 2011

Moody winter woods and Summertime Saturdays

 As promised, here are a couple of moody wintry pictures of my woods.
It rained all day yesterday and is starting out wet today.
Can't you just feel the chilly damp?
There isn't any snow (thank goodness) but it is the kind of cold that gets into your bones.
How about we warm it up a little?
Since I love Summertime Saturday Afternoons, lets make each Saturday this month a summertime post.
Tell me a summer story, write a summer poem, post a summer picture.
We have a bit more winter to get through, lets warm up the weekends at least. 
Here is my first entry.
Doesn't that just lighten your mood?
If you decide to play, leave a comment with a link to your post so we can come check it out.


  1. nice...yeah a little summer warmth on saturdays is not a bad thing at all...

  2. Brrrr!!! The moody pics do look cold!!!

    We are getting battered by such strong winds here - so cannot wait for spring to arrive!!

    It's nice to keep sunny thoughts though! Take care

  3. It's so nice to look at pictures that don't have any snow in them! I'll have to think about a Summertime Saturday picture, I'm pretty sure I've got something in my archives somewhere!

  4. Thank you! We're getting that exact same 'cold-in-the-bones' weather too and that last picture is just what I'm dreaming about :)

  5. The Ode to Summer:

    Hurry up already, it's been to durn cold!!!

  6. Great photos of the woods! It sure looks chilly outside!

  7. Your tree photo in summer is full of fairy light. I wish it was summertime here!
    It is dark skies and raining today in the Uk, but the snowdrops and primroses are out!
    Have a good weekend.

  8. I'm jealous of your woods! Even the wintry wet bit. I don't have much of that in New York City.


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