02 February 2011

What is this, a Wordy Wednesday?

Tis a sad tale I have to tell today. I thought I was better prepared...Well you see, it went like this, my lovely laptop (did you know that it is pink) was making funny noises the other day. Then it was not sure if it wanted to come on and play or not. I turned it off and back on, then it was fine...It did it again a few days later. Then it was fine... Well you know, I really need that thing for school work (it isn't for fun, honest :)....
So I backed up my school work, packed it up and took it in for the nice people to have a look.
Haven't heard anything yet, hopefully I will know by tomorrow.
The sad bit is I backed up picture for this post on my IPod and they are still on my camera. Well, I am afraid to hook the IPod to this computer as I don't know if I will lose my music and this computer does not have the software my camera needs yet. (I know that disk is here somewhere.....) So, instead of moody photos of my wintry cold but not snowy woods, you get a wordy Wednesday post. Wish me luck with the computer guys, I have not used them before.
Pictures soon, I promise!
I have been having a lovely day in spite of computer worries, hope you are too.


  1. glad you had a good day...computer issues jack my day up...ugh...hate them...

  2. GOOD LUCK sorting out your computer woes!!!! have a lovely day too! Take care

  3. Oh no, I hate it when things like that happen. We'll keep our paws crossed!

  4. Computer problems are always so stressful. I hope it comes back home soon!
    xo Catherine

  5. Computer problems are THE worst! I sure hope it's nothing serious and a quick fix!

  6. How's your computer doing? Tell it my old gray mare (aka my dear old dell laptop) wishes it luck!


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