25 April 2010

Short break

I had to take a short break from studying to post a few more pictures, the Wisteria is almost gone and I have not posted any pictures of it yet. Note, that is a telephone pole it has climbed.
Close up of the Wisteria. This particular batch is a couple of miles down the road from my place.
Pink flower bush and White Narcissus.
Thistle and a Bumble Bee.
Remember the tree we call the guardian, at the end of our drive? This is what he looks like covered in leaves.
Close up of the Dog Wood blooming. The blossoms are all gone now, glad I got plenty of photos.
Yellow flowers and cows in the field.
Future Berry Goodness.
Our barn through the flowers. I must admit, I live in a pretty place.
Can you see why we love it?
I need to get back to work. I have one more test to study for.
My Sweet Hubby has promised to go for a walk with me later on.
The road is waiting.


  1. beautiful pics...the thistle actually looks very pretty...hope studying is going well!

  2. My Wysteria is still in tight bud.....Love all your pics!!

  3. Awwww!

    You have a beautiful home! And what lovely plants and trees - me and Charlie loved that Wisteria growing up the telephone pole!

    Your flowers are beautiful!!! We love the pink flower blush and white narcissus! But I love bees so I think the one on the thistle is a fab sight!

    Cows too. LOL!

    Good luck with your studying!!!!

    Take care

  4. The flowers are all so beautiful and I hope you get your walk in!un

  5. Good luck on your last test ~ and I hope you enjoyed your walk! Spring looks lovely at your house ~ not so lovely at mine! :(

    xo Catherine

  6. What a beautiful bouquet!!
    It is very Gorgeous colors.

    Your splendid photography enhances charm still more.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    From the Far East.
    Best regards.

  7. I always enjoy seeing pictures of flowers and plants. I very much enjoyed the one of the thistle, what an unusual colour. Our thistles are blue-violet.;))
    Have a lovely Monday,

  8. The wisteria looks fabulous growing up that telegraph pole like that. You can just tell how much the bees love thistles by your photo. My favourite is the barn photo. It looks different when there's flowers in the photo to those you took in winter.

  9. Your home is so beautiful and your flower pictures are gorgeous!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day! :)

  10. Succes with your study :))))
    Have fun with your hubby .....
    We will miss your beautiful posts

  11. Hi Kat, Nice to meet you! I enjoyed your flowers and tree images and my favorite is the last one with the pathway.

  12. Hi Kat, Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi, and also for giving me so much hope! I just turned 48 and I will be starting nursing school in August. I just took my lab final for my last prereque, microbiology. Next week is the lecture final and then sweet summer time! Congrats on getting your BA! I will be an RN (hopefully) when I turn 50. I cannot wait!

  13. You have a lovely blog. It instills within me such a sense of peace and calm.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments.

    If you're of a mind, come visit my entry in Melissa Marr's short story contest. Vote for it if it you like it. If not, still thanks for going the 2nd mile for me.

    Here's the link :

    Don't be a stranger at my blog. I won't be a stranger at yours, Roland


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