02 March 2014

Seriously! This is just a little nuts.....

My Sweet Husband went to put some tools away in the smoke house yesterday, and found something a little odd.
It was not there the day before.
He called me out to see it, I went and got the camera.

Pecan shells in the wood pile
As near as I can tell, the local squirrel family thinks that spring is here and they decided to throw a party with what was left from their winter hoard. I don't know if spring really is here, or not, but as long as they are not too picky, they won't starve. We have plenty of acorns.

In the woods
 This is a peaceful spot in the woods near our house. 
Since the squirrels seem to think it is spring, I decided to go looking for early signs. 
As you can see not much green yet, at least not here.
As you probably know, I have been experimenting with settings on my camera (the canon S120). This picture is a result of that. No, it is not "Tack Sharp", but it is moody and atmospheric. 
I have been known to manipulate photos, sometimes quite a bit,  (see The Blue Fairy post if you are interested) but this one has not been altered (digital framing for nice presentation does not count).

Early buds
Here is one sure sign of good things to come.

What a racket!
I am not sure what kind of birds these are, they did not sound like crows. For something so small, they were making an astonishing amount of noise. (Lovely noise!)

The choir
Here, are the rest of the choir. 

These are in a sheltered spot in a friends yard. I could not believe they were out already. The tree is covered with these.

Camellia Bud
 I was very happy to see this particular sign. We lost some flowers to the frost from the storm, but the bushes are thriving and full of promise.
Dogwood tree stage 1
I call this stage one, these are kind of pre-blossoms. They will open up and look interesting, then the blossoms will show up and make the tree beautiful 
(shall I keep you posted on the stages again this year).

Last but not least, another picture of a daffodil.
Yes, I know, I already posted some this year, but can you think of anything that says "Spring is coming" in a more cheerful way?

It is still chilly outside, and very cold in the mornings, but spring is definitely on it's way. I found proof. 
Hope you have a lovely week.


  1. ha on the rabble of birds...its a beautiful day here so i think i will go in search of their song a bit...and lol on the squirrel party...thats crazy that it showed up over night....they had a bit of fun

  2. A babble of birds, is it? I stood by the bayou by the blood center in which I work and watched a large family of mallard ducks swimming peacefully by. The lone white egret frowned at them as they passed for disturbing the fish he was hoping to snare. Love these pictures. :-) Thanks for dropping by my blog. :-)

  3. I see Alfred Hitchcock sent you some birdies! Great photos!

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  6. Beautiful pictures of the buds and the blossom! I like the birds in the trees too, making up for the lack of leaves. ;) Those squirrels are very tidy aren't they, leaving the shells in a nice neat pile like that?!
    Jess xx


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