09 March 2014

Visitin Kat's corner

It has been a lovely week here in the Southern US.
Yes, it has been rainy and cloudy,
but it is still a great place to be.
My Sweet Husband gave me these for Valentines day. They lasted into this week. 
 Daisy Micro
Daisies are my favorite flowers.
We had several visitors this week, Bob (Bob White Quail) was the first. 
This is why you need to have your camera ready 
all the time.
This little guy (Opossum) got up a little early to say hello, we don't usually get to see them in the daylight. No, he did not let us get this close, my Sweet Husband has a good zoom on his camera. He did stick around for 10 or 15 minutes though, this is a good place to visit after all. 
 Female Northern Cardinal
This little lady came all the way up to the house. I am not a bird expert, but if I understand it correctly the local cardinals are called Northern Cardinals, even though we are in the south.
Dinner Omelet
Guacamole, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, onions, peppers and corn with melted cheese, sweet potato fries and hushpuppies. 
Just one of many reasons why this is a great place to be. 
 Pinecones on the fire
Life is good.
It is still chilly enough to enjoy a cozy fire. 
This time of year you never know how warm it will be.
 Old Barn at Sunset
See, I told you it was a cloudy week.
My Sweet Husband took all but the last photo in this post. 
I am glad he likes to share.
Spontaneous Adoration
I am loved.

Hope your week is as nice as mine.


  1. oh that dinner omelet looks amazing...ha...the possums that come out here usually are after my trash so they do it under cover of night...my son used to sleep with a possum stuffed animal...

  2. Yes, we finally have some sunpuddles up this way. Lovely photos as always. Howdy Spontaneous!!!

  3. Spontaneous - oh so cute!! Loving the sunshine and spring!
    xo Catherine


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