23 February 2014

Early evening, walking in the woods

We went for a short drive yesterday evening, about 10 minutes from the house, so we could  go walking in a different section of the woods.
The Sumter National Forest is full of lovely roads and trails.
Here, let me show you,

Sumter National Forest 
This is a turnaround at the end of one road. As you can see, other than the pines and cedar trees, there is not a lot of green yet. 

 Beside the trail
Notice the black at the base of the trees? That is probably from a controlled burn. The forest service does that periodically to prevent forest fires.

 Sumter Forest Road
Some roads in the forest are maintained like this one. 

 Sumter National Forest Stream
The stream still has lots of water from our recent storms. 

Foot Bridge
I think this is quite a charming spot. 

 Trees and sky
Look up! 

There is life in the forest. 
(slugs are kind of cute when they are not in the garden) 

 1985 Volkswagon Westfalia Camper Van
An old friend is visiting.
Great memories!

 Rosemary Bush
My Rosemary thrives here, no matter what the weather.

 Rosemary Blossoms
Taken early this morning. The plant smells wonderful.

Remember the tiny shoots sticking out of the snow?
 Daffodil Bunch

Daffodil Closeup
Well worth stepping outside in the cold this morning.
We are not done with winter yet, but these little signs are sure welcome.


  1. cool little slugs.
    love the vibrant color of the daffodils as well.

  2. What a fun tour! We're sure more than ready for Spring up here!


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