09 February 2014

Shadow and Hope. Time Machine.

In late summer, I start to dream of Autumn.
Then I look forward to the holidays.
Here in our part of the South, if we get any snow at all, it is likely to be in late January or February.
When we do it is pretty for a few days.
By this point in the winter, the snow is gone, my bones are cold, and I am looking forward to spring. 
Are you?
If so, grab a cup of something warm to drink (I have a lovely cup of PG Tips tea with milk), and step into my time machine.

 Antebellum with Azaleas
These are my favorite photos of Spring here at home.
All were taken in March but over several springs (2008 to 2013)

Bumble Bee in the Azaleas
 The warm colors are making me happy already.

 Spring time Fluff
Dandelions are one of the first flowers to pop up. I don't pull them Mother Nature seems to do a good job of keeping them in check. They always make me think of Fairy wands.
 Early Dogwood Blossoms
We have a dogwood tree in the front yard, it is beautiful year round.
When it is bare, it is graceful. The early blossoms with soft fuzzy leaf buds pop up, and then,,,,

Dogwood Blossoms and Gargoyles
The brick path leads to our door.  When I see it, I know I am home safe and loved (My Sweet Family put it in our first summer in the house).

 Elm with buds and Antebellum
Our back yard. You can also see the smoke house (closest to the house) and the summer kitchen (I always get them mixed up and labeled the smoke house incorrectly last week). This was taken with my back to the barn. Here the time machine really works, you can't see the power lines or street lamp. It looks much as it might have looked at any time in the last 180 or so years since it was built.

Forsythia and Summer Kitchen 
Is it possible to feel cold when you look at this one?

Forsythia Close-up 

Iris in Lavender
Two of my favorite flowers together. They were not planted that way, they both spread. My usual method of gardening involves planting things, then mostly leaving them alone. That works well in this climate.  

Iris Blossoms
The Iris and Daffodils were here before us. There are patches of both growing wild in the woods. Makes you wonder how many years ago they escaped. 
Mary in the Camellias
She looks much more comfortable here than in the last post.

Miniature Roses?
The blossoms are tiny, but profuse. 

Narcissus and Daffodils
There is a very short time when both are in bloom, some years they miss each other completely. Lucky for us, our time machine has paused at just the right moment. 

A lovely way to harvest sunshine to bring inside. 

Old Barn and Well-house
 I would love to walk outside to all this green! 

Lovely little purple wildflower. 

Sedum Patch

Yellow Narcissus
Sunshine on a stem. 

Pink Blossoms in our woods 

 Elm Buds and Smokehouse 

Tiny Yellow Wildflower
I love the little heart shaped petals. 
Oak and Ivey
These have lived together a long time. They stand proudly in our front yard. 

Anticipation! It really won't be long. According to that silly ground hog, only five more weeks (ground hogs day was 1 week ago, of course, he saw his shadow). 

Wild Bunny
I almost wish I had a lovely soft fur coat like hers while we wait for spring. 
My Mother used to tell me to enjoy NOW. When you wish for time to go by swiftly, you wish your life away. 
So I will confine myself to peaking out the door of the time machine, without actually leaving the time where I am. I do feel warmer, how about you?

I must admit, if that silly groundhog lived near me, I would build a permanent shade over his home, so he would not see his shadow.


  1. Such beautiful photos. We are so ready for whiffin' season!

  2. whole lotta color going on there...what cool big trees you have...
    also love the color of the forsynthia


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