02 February 2014

Guest Photographer - Snow in the woods

Most of you will know from the news, that the Southern States had a bit of a cold spell last week.
Unfortunately, I was stuck at work all week.
So my camera stayed in it's case while I tried to remember how to drive on ice.

Chill Perspective
My Sweet husband and his Canon G12 came to the rescue. 
He took all the photos in this weeks blog.
The first five were actually taken earlier in the month and show a more typical winter for us.
As you can see, cold, but not extreme.

Ice from above
He risked frostbite and took so many wonderful photos, I had a hard time narrowing it down.
So grab something warm to drink (I have hot English Tea),
and enjoy. 

Captured Autumn

 Winter Twilight

Antebellum Gold

It Begins, Snowfall

Snow Fall in the Woods and Down by the Creek

Baby Evergreen

Ice on the Summer Kitchen

Old Barn and Well House 
Snowy Magnolia

Snow in the Drive and on the Road

 Antebellum in the Snow

Antebellum Home
(Warm and cozy even in this weather) 

 Staddle Stones


 Snow Lion

Pandora with a chilly cloak 
Snowy Welcome 

The Old Barn and Elm
Melting already.

By Friday evening when I got home, the snow was gone.
We had a fire in the fireplace again this morning but it isn't really needed at this point. 
Our temp outside right now is 57 degrees F. 
That is more like it.
My friend Cat in Canada, one of my favorite bloggers, 
(Corner of Cat's Mind) will probably laugh at our little bit of snow. Spontaneous is glad she is an indoor cat.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Thanks once again to My Sweet Husband.



  1. Your hubby did a great job. What a beautiful house, glad to see you have a good stack of firewood to keep the chilly weather at bay.

  2. ooo the snow angel is cool....and the textures in the ice are cool too....

  3. Those photos were terrific! We had 2 inches of snow in the Upstate and it is gone now. We love Cat's blog to, she is very clever!

  4. *giggle* you are too cute! Well...I must admit...It is kind of funny listening to the 'Southerners' talk about their cold temperatures and snow. But it's all in our own perspective right? I have a friend that lives about as far North as you can get in Saskatchewan and she has way more snow than we do so laughs at me when I complain. Yup. I for sure need to move to Florida or something. Haha.
    I like the photo of the leaf under the ice - very cool - pun intended. ;)
    Keep warm my friend!
    xo Catherine

  5. They are all beautiful shots, I especially love Antebellum Gold!

  6. Had a great time with a cup of green tea as you advised. )) Very atmospheric. In my place the snow hasn't gone yet and most of the views from yours can be seen around.


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