15 August 2011

Computer problems and Phoenix Arizona.

It has been a while since I posted.
We have been without internet at home for just over a week.
My sweet husband was working on the computer, and it went out.
Just like that.
We found out later that the router and modem were also out.
Whichever one went first took the rest out with it.
As of yesterday evening, wi-fi is back up and we are in touch with the world once again!
Yeah! You really don't realize how much you rely on something,
till it is gone.
and now, for our long awaited, regularly scheduled post.
Phoenix, Arizona
We spent a week in Phoenix last month.
These palms are right in the center of town.
Our hotel was within easy walking distance of Chase Field
 so we watched the Arizona Diamond Backs vs Milwaukee Brewers.
The Brewers won,,, oh well, it was fun.
Cacti in the desert near by.
We also went on several long drives to explore the surrounding area.
It was quite warm, but really not too bad.
No humidity!
Lots of color.
This place is called Montezuma's Castle.
It is a pretty amazing old Native American cliff dwelling.
The birds are the only ones who live there now. 
 Mullin plants on the Mogollon Rim Road.
We spent one beautiful day driving up here.
Another Mogollon Rim view.
What a pretty road!
My Sweet Hubby and I.
Bell Rock Pathway.
Awesome Color!
Our lunchtime oasis.
Pink jeep.
Sunset ans Saguaro.
Typical Arizona shot, I could not resist.
It sure is nice to be back in touch.


  1. Welcome back and thanks for sharing those great photos. Looks like you had a good time.....


  2. Welcome back!!! And what a comeback!! These are such fab pics - the cacti are HUGE!! Wow!!! And the pink car is just fab!! The cliff dwelling is so intriguing!!! Who was Montezuma and why did he or she live in such a place!??! Wonderful!!

    Thanks for sharing - great to see you and hubby too! Take care

  3. beautiful country out there...love the rock formations...ugh on the net issues...glad they are cleared up

  4. Nice to see you back on-line and able to share wonderful holiday pics again! :-)

  5. You saw all the best places. I'm going up to Sedona when it gets cooler - like September. Leaves actually change color up there in Oak Creek Canyon. :)

  6. Computer problems are the worst...and those pics are the best...another pretty place!

  7. fab photos, so interesting and great colour too. I love the castle and the cacti!

  8. Really beautiful country when it isn't too hot. I'm pretty close to Arizona but seldom get there. Love the sunset shot. I love sunsets all over the world.


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