23 August 2011

Cat Talk Time Challenge from Zoolatry

I am participating in a challenge today from Zoolatry.
In their own words,
"Cats are very expressive.  And in our years of pet blogging, we've found that theirhumans are very expressive, too!  So we're putting out a challenge to one and all, just a furry-fun event, for Tuesday August 23 ~ on your blog, just post your favorite, clever, old, new, unusual, humorous cat talk.  We were recently introduced to some new cat talk ~ "whisker humps".  Of course, there's "tail wags", and "chin scritches"and so many more.  And when it comes to the humans, well ... we've heard beans,and bipeds, and food purrsons.  And let's not forget the famous MOL.  So, that's theCat Talk Time Challenge ~ get wordy, creatively wordy ~ and if you can show a photo that goes with your "talk", that's even better!  No prizes, no awards, just a wholelotta fun". 

Spontaneous is a very vocal (and extremely intelligent) Kitty.
Here is her entry.

Serenading for Supper.
She is very fond of "F - I - S - H"

If Supper is "F - I - S - H" (I can't say it unless I am about to provide it),
Then this is the usual result.
If you want to see more intelligent Kitties and hear what they have to say,
stop by Zoolatry .
It will make you smile.


  1. Ahhhhh.... Kitties..... None can guess what is in their furry little brains!!
    Love 'em!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  2. Purrnapping is totally purrfect!!!

  3. smiles. fun cat pics...we just got a new kitty a couple weeks back...just a baby...he is a nut full of energy.

  4. She is adorable and looks so cozy laying in the sun. Our cat BW has a habit of yelling at us to get our attention : )

  5. Purrnapping!! Yay!!! Spontaneous - you are beautiful and lovely and me and Charlie love your word!!! We hope you get lots of F-I-S-H!Take care


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