08 September 2011

Getting in shape.

We think Miss Spontaneous is a fine figure of a cat,
however, the vet thinks she would be more comfortable,
and healthier, if she were,

 shall we say,
well, not so much.
She is posing to show you that she is making a little progress.
There is still a whole lot of kitty there.
Especially when you compare her to this photo.
This is what our Sweetie looked like before she came to live with us.
She is a bundle of love at any size.
The Vet put her on a diet, any suggestions for exercises?


  1. haha...my cat might kill me in my sleep...if we put her on a diet...

  2. Our cats never took to weight loss well or exercise, unless it was their idea, either.

  3. Oh Spontaneous is beautiful!!! I've never had to have a kitty on a diet (touch wood) so don't really know what to suggest except lots of play maybe? Good luck!! Take care

  4. Ours comes for the odd walk on a lead with us.......

    Lots of games and stimulation might help too.

  5. You look great Spontaneous! I got put on a diet too, but I couldn't get enough to eat so I went on two diets.

  6. That's a fine fat hefty cat you've got there!


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