25 September 2011

Autumn, memories, cloudy skies, and the Indigo Girls.

We made an early morning trip to Augusta, GA not long ago.
The clouds were so dramatic, I had to take pictures.
We get amazing sunsets this time of year too,
but those picture are for another post.
Dark and cloudy skies.
I used to say that spring was my favorite season, 
I love the feeling of new life after a long cold winter.
I love the flowers and the warmth.
I love how so many people seem to warm up in the spring too, they are friendlier. 
I love how fresh and green everything seems to be.
I love being able to get outside without bundling up.
Still dark, but you can see the silver lining.
Fall comes after a long hot summer, and I am more than ready for the change.
Our trees transform themselves gradually, so at this point, there are a few hints of color.
There is still a lot of green, but the change has begun.
A little more blue in this picture.

My Parents place had apple trees (2 kinds), plum trees (3 kinds), grapes (white and red),
a pear tree, and a walnut tree. 
There were red current bushes, rhubarb, and black caps (large black berries).
We usually had a vegetable garden as well. 
Autumn meant harvesting all of that and preserving it for the winter.
I come from a big happy family and I have so many happy memories 
of the work, and the lovely things we made.
My Father was interested in Organic Gardening, I don't think he ever called it that.
It was just the way things should be done (he was born in 1914 and raised on a farm).
He took great pride in how little we wasted. We made jams and jellies, we dried fruit. 
Mom made her own soup mix of dried vegetables. 
We even made our own fruit leather and my Father made wine.
In the fall, we all came together to get the work done. 
The skies are clearing, a little.

When my children were small, I made all their Halloween costumes.
I had to get enthusiastic about the project early in the season, or they would not be done on time
(although, I will admit to putting in the last few stitches right before they headed out the door a few times).
I used to make most of the Christmas presents for our extended family, Christmas decorations too.
I have a box with Halloween and Christmas magazines that I have saved for inspirations.
Each year, when the weather starts to cool, and the grocery stores put out their Halloween displays, 
(usually around mid September in this area), my Sweet Husband, brings the box down from the attic. 
My parents are gone and the rest of us do not exchange gifts anymore
so I don't have my old excuses for frenzied crafting. I still enjoy the magazines.
Early morning over the lake.

For me "The Holidays" start with Halloween. Why wait clear till Thanksgiving? 
An unusual cloud formation, notice the disk at the top?

Autumn here in the south has much to recommend it. 
The temperatures are much milder.
We use the air conditioning rarely, and we don't need the heat yet either. 
I am looking forward to using the fireplaces. We have a stack of wood from last year ready.
Soon we will go pick up another load. Did I mention that I love the smell of the wood,
and how nice it looks all neatly stacked?
Fluffy clouds and blue skies.

Spring is lovely, but you know that all the work of summer is just around the corner.
These big old places are labor intensive, most of the work gets done when the weather is hot.
When spring comes, I will be excited. 
I will anxiously wait the end of winter, and photograph every sign of new growth.
Right now, I am enjoying fall.
So, yes, I am a fan of Halloween, and everything else the season brings. 
Early evening, side view from our front porch.

but they did not get it quite right. Autumn is the best time of year in the South.
I will post pictures as the season progresses.


  1. some really cool sky pics...and augusta is a great place to visit...i love fall the best....

  2. Beautiful sky and clouds and a lovely sentimental post.;))
    Unfortunately here autumn is not always sunny weather wise, thus we have to enjoy those few days that are.
    Happy autumn dear Kat,

  3. A lovely evoactive post Kat. You're clearly looking forward to colder weather. Autumn is moving fast here and temeratures have collapsed in the last few weeks with cold and damp being the norm. Rain and wind have been much to the fore and like you we've had some spectacular sunsets to enjoy too.

    While the Uk doesn't get as cold as many places, the damp air here in Scotland is a trial of it's own and amplifies cold, pushing it deep into the bones through layers of clothing and with every breath. Perhaps that's why we Brits enjoy the sun so much!

    Harvest time and its glut of goodies is well underway here and we're looking forward to a winter enjoying our stored fruit - we have apple, plum and pear trees too {although the pears have been very small - but sweet - this year}
    and use them for tarts and pies etc.

    Thanks for posting. Really enjoyed it.


  4. What beautiful memories and wonderful cloud shots too. Your parents' garden sounds utterly lovely - so full of good things to eat and I can only imagine the cascade of blossoms from your fruit trees!!! Brilliant!!!

    Autumn is a lovely time of plenty (but I'm still waving the flag for summer! LOL!)!

    Take care

  5. The sky pics are incredible and I could feel a wee bit of a breeze!

  6. wow the sky in that last photo is great!

  7. Hi Kat, all you photos with various cloud formations are beautiful. I especially like the first photo in which the road leads my eye towards the light in the end. And, not only your photos that I enjoyed so much, but I was feeling so nice and comfortable while reading your writing. This post really relaxed me after hard day’s work. Thank you.

  8. You have some very pretty skies here Kat - the spider below...not so much! :(


    xo Catherine

  9. What wonderfully moody skies!

  10. I'm so envious of your cool weather and clouds and probably rain. It is still hot and dry here in Texas, but there is always hope. Right! There is another La Nina forming and it will be a warm dry winter.

    Enjoy your lovely colors and dry something and keep me in mind while you are doing it.

  11. I love the Autumn of the Northeast too but just to know that the hard winter is on it's heels sort of dampens it anticipation. For now we will enjoy the coolness.....

  12. Those clouds look menacing. I'm trying to hold on to summer for a little longer, I'm not ready for the darker nights, though they're coming at an alarming rate, and the colder mornings. It's beautiful here today, blue skies and warmer temperatures, though the trees have already started losing their leaves.

  13. Beautiful skies in your part of the world, Kat! I always loved this time of year in the South - it's second best to Spring with the glorious dogwood and azaleas in bloom.


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