22 September 2011

Chilean Rose, corrected post.

I got two spiders mixed up.
This lovely gentleman belongs to a good friend of mine. His name is Migi. He wants to know why I didn't include him in last post. My friend has two tarantulas, Migi, and Kashmir. This is Migi, he is indeed a Chilean Rose, but they are not dangerous. Kashmir is a different sort of tarantula and he is very dangerous.
Since Migi, is safer, and less afraid of people, it is easy to get great photos of him.
Kashmir, is camera shy.

I would not recommend messing with any spider, unless you KNOW it is ok to do so.
While your at it, try not to harm them either, they are natures pest controllers.


  1. He must be small, I can't see him.

  2. Hello Kashmir!! Although I do think you are utterly gorgeous and beautiful, I think it's best (for me) if I admire you from afar!! Yay! Take care

  3. shivers....that looks a lot more like the one under the deck...

  4. Brian,
    I do not know why you can't see him. If you are brave, maybe you can peak again later.
    Brian Miller,
    If you have one of these under the deck, Yikes! Keep the kids and kitty in the house. Old Kitty is right, these guys are best admired from afar(or under glass).

  5. Now, that is scary.) I am not sure I could have a pet around that could paralyze me.;))

  6. Woah, Kat. You have some sketchy hobbies. q:>) I love tarantulas in theory, but, I mean do you live next to a swamp or something. Is South Carolina in the Amazon?


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