20 September 2011

13 Frightening Creatures.

In keeping with the Halloween "Spirit".
I decided to share some of the Frightening Creatures that live around us.
You might not want to look late at night or when you are alone.....
1. This was one of the residents in the house. 
I evicted him carefully. I must admit, we allow a few of the polite ones to stay.
Polite means they stay in out of the way corners and eat other bugs. 
Spontaneous helps to ensure they stay out of the way.
She is a mighty hunter.
It also implies that they do not invite all their friends to the party.
This part of the world is full of natural pests and since neither my Sweet Husband or myself like the idea of using poisons in the house (unless absolutely necessary) we take advantage of Mothers Natures Pest Controllers. 
2. The Daddy Long Legs. 
This guy is about four inches from end or leg to end of leg. 
He was hunting bugs on our side porch. 
3. This one looks even more frightening.
He was up on the Blue Ridge last summer. 
4. I will call this a silver spider.
You may recognize him from yesterday's post. 
5. Here is his web. 
6. This one is busy keeping the mosquitos away from our porch.
7. Little green snake.  
8. Black snake. See how he climbs?
This guy loves to eat mice before they get into the house. 
9. Another black snake. 
10. I know, this little guy does not look scary at all.
I think he is kind of cute. 
He eats lots of bugs.
This one lived in a flower pot on the porch steps for quite a while. 
11. This Toad looks a little more frightning.
Actually, I think he looks a little grumpy. 
12. This little lizzard changes color depending on where he is hanging out.
They frequently show up as bright green.
My Mom would dance a little dance and run if she saw them. 
13. Lizzard. This little monster looks prehistoric.
That is what we call them.
I have no idea what the proper names are for all of these guys.
They may be frightening to some, but I think they are just misunderstood.
What do you think?
Which one is the scariest?
What are you afraid of?


  1. Those are all cool creatures! I am afraid of things that go bump in the night!

  2. Is the last photo of a Horned Toad? We had one in a tank when we were kids. The first lizzard that changes colors is an Anole. I had them for my kids in tanks. Critters like those do not survive outside in the north east. Too cold.

  3. nice your yard is like a zoo! ha...the big black snake was a little intimidating....

  4. Quite a menagerie you have there! I'm not sure I find any of them scary but I'd treat the snakes witha degree of respect and certainly wouldn't want any of them getting inside the house.

    Really interesting pictures.

    {I can't help feel it's a bit early for Hallowe'en too. You must be a real fan!!}


  5. Oh wow!! I have a total healthy respect for spiders! I adore them but am absolutely afraid of them but would always try and take them outside if they are in the house! Oh but their webs are works of art aren't they?!!?

    Awww but I love love love lizards and frogs!! I think they are just beautiful!!! These ones here are amazing!! Yay!! Take care

  6. My goodness, those spiders look indeed dangerous.;) You have snakes? how interesting.;) I am not afraid of snakes, only if they are poisonous i would not like them in the house.;) Or near me for that matter.;) And I love lizards, ass they keep the creeps away.;) That toad looks so funny.;)
    I am not afraid of animals, but I am afraid of flying.;)) Imagine that.;)

  7. Living in the north we don't begin to have the creepy-crawlies the south does because we have so many months of freeze.... but..... If I find any creepys in the house they get evicted. Not because of me but I don't want my Boyz to eat them!!
    Great Post!!

  8. We have only had snakes in the house once. That was before we had some of the upstairs plumbing rerouted. They are not invited. I grew up around little garden snakes so I don't run screaming, but I am not about to pick anything up unless I KNOW it is ok to do so.


So, what do you think? Did you like it? I love hearing from you.


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