30 November 2010

Catching up at kat's corner.

I have some catching up to do.
Kat's corner is changing rapidly with the season now, autumn has arrived.
I am a bit behind with posting pictures so there are extras in this post.
Here is my lovely old antebellum with a serving of autumn leaves on the side.
 Did you have any visitors at thanksgiving? We did.
This guy stopped by for a while.
 This picture shows the smokehouse, the summer kitchen and in the distance, the barn.
The leaves on this tree were just starting to turn in this photo.
They have all changed now.
See the color on the middle tree, looks like gold.
I love that the trees don't all change at the same time.
Another view of the yard.
Everywhere I look it is pretty right now.
 I thought the dogwood was lovely when I posted the earlier photo,
just look at it now.
 This is one of the places we like to walk.
The road runs past our house.
 Along the way, look at all the color.
 On a different note,
we lost an old friend.
About ten days before Thanksgiving, the broiler element burned out,
(literally burned out, I saw flames in the oven for just a second, and I wasn't even the one cooking)
The poor old thing just gave up.
 Ta dah! A new friend has arrived.
It looks like the kitchen got a make over.
I love the big window on the door.
Can it bake a pumpkin pie?
Oh yes, it can, with a little help from my Sweet Hubby.
It bakes it nicely.
As you can see, it did a marvelous job with the turkey too.
Our Thanksgiving dinner was just right.
 These guys came by for a visit too.
I don't know what kind of bird they are but there were a lot of them, just for the one morning.
Just to brag a little on my camera, this photo was taken from about thirty feet away without a tripod.
I use a Fuji Fine pix.
 This silly old thing prefers fish to turkey.
As you can see, she was not left out of the festivities.
I hope you are as content as our silly cat.
November was wonderful,
I'm looking forward to December.


  1. What a lovely house and well, that fat cat is a keeper in my book :)

  2. Everything sure looks nice, and the new kitchen friend will earn his keep in no time!

  3. smiles. thanks for the lovely tour...lots to see...and that turkey looks good as well...what a cool frog/toad...

  4. I LOVE your kitchen.;) I love the dark wood, that instigates the feel of cottage life.;)
    Autumn here is long gone, we have already had many feet of snow for over a week.;)
    Happy December to you.;)

  5. Those gorgeous birds look like beautiful waxwings!!! I think!

    Oh what lovely lovely lovely pictures - you have the most amazing home and garden - absolutely beautiful!!

    And I'm so sorry for your old friend - but by golly your new one is wonderful and shiny and just ever so lovely!!!

    Oh mr or ms Toad/Frog is gorgeous!!! But not as stunning as adorable Spontaneous!!!!!

    I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving with all the trimmings!!!! Take care

  6. You've got some gorgeous colour right on your doorstep. I used to have a Fuji, brilliant cameras. When I upgraded my camera I wanted one with a viewfinder as well as a screen but Fuji didn't make one so I ended up getting a Canon. I do miss my Fuji though, they take wonderful photos. Glad you had a nice thanksgiving, and Spontaneous did too.

  7. Oh, Kat how beautiful!!! Won't belong before your Thanksgiving guest will be hibernating for the winter. The colors are amazing and I long to see the beauty of the fall in the Smokies and northeast. It's been far too long since I've seen that kind of color! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and fall!


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