06 October 2011

Ten things I like about Autumn.

I grew up in Northern Utah,
in a town built on the side of the Rocky Mountains.
The leaf season starts earlier there.
Here in the South, the change is much more gradual.
Our leaves are not the vibrant green they were a month ago,
but they are not truly changing yet either.
Our peak leaf season starts later and lasts longer.
I can't wait so I have been digging through photos from previous years.
Here are some of my favorites.
Illistrating 10 things I like about Autumn.
1. The colors.
Green is lovely, but some variety is a treat. 
2. The start of snuggle season.
The early mornings are finally cool enough to snuggle. 
3. The temperatures.
It isn't really cold, or really hot.
As baby bear would say, "just right". 
4. Birds.
We get to see all sorts on their way to warmer places. 
5. Long walks in the mountains.
Can't you just hear the leaves crunching? 
6. The lighting.
The Autumn sun is a little lower in the sky,
it changes how everything looks. 
 7. The calm.
Thanksgiving and Christmas with all their joyful chaos are just around the corner,
but I have time to enjoy now first.
8. Tasty treats.
Cooler weather inspires both of us to bake more.
If I get my homework done,
 I might have to try that new pumpkin bread recipee.
 (I'm a lousy cook, but a great baker)
9. This!
Do I really need to explain it? 
10. Change.
Life is about change.
We go from one stage to another,
one year to another,
one season to another.
We might change jobs,
or homes.
We might add members to the family,
or send them off on their own.
Life keeps changing.
You step through the door, and you don't know what is coming.
The seasons are at least predictable.
Hope yours is great.


  1. wow. some awesome shots...esp the fog shots...we share some similar favs on a most incredible season...

  2. Awwww what wonderful ten things to like about autumn!! Beautiful pics too - very evocative of nature about to fall asleep but doing so in a blaze of colours! Take care

  3. Oh such lovely photos and a pretty blog.Im a new follower,hope to see you again soon!

    Have a lovely friday ahead!

  4. Dear Kath, what a stunning post in words and images, these must be one of the most beautiful photos you have posted. There is a hint of gentle fall melancholy in these and show the subdued side of autumn, which I love.;)

  5. Lovely photographs, Kat. I've spent time in the Fall in the Carolinas and it is wonderful - as is north GA, even my homeland on the GA - AL border, with the Chattahoochee River running through it.

  6. Kat, beautiful post, I love Autumn too for all the reasons you list & because i was born them ;-) x


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