30 October 2011

Cat Napping

All this talk about contests, 
gave Spontaneous an idea.
She is entering a cat napping contest at 
(There sure seem so be a lot of cat lovers out there named Kat).

I think she has an excellent chance.
Don't forget, my contest goes till next Wednesday.
You can follow me,
leave me a comment,
or send me an email.
Have a great Nap,


  1. Hi Kat,Im so confuised LOL.Tooo many Kats.So Im entering your contest as well.Your photo is adorable.I see alot of pics of cats stretched way out on their backs lol.Mine never has done that.He sleeps in a little ball.ha!

    Blessings for a nice new week ahead!

  2. Awwwwww sweet Spontaneous!! You are a sleeping beauty and a winner! Yay! take care

  3. Cats ARE the best nappers. I am jealous:)

  4. cute pic...our new kitty (3 mo) is cuddled on my wifes chest right now...napping...

  5. That is napping like a pro!!!

  6. Oh, what a sweet picture, Sammy, my cat, sleeps this way too, it is simply too cute.;)
    And what a fun contest to enter, hihi.;)) Cats are master at contests such as these.;))

  7. Hi Kat,
    It is lovely to be back blogging again and to catch up with you!

    Ah, so cute! I would like to be a cat. They really know how to relax and enjoy life! ;-)

    Best wishes and Happy Halloween to you and your kitty!


  8. That's an excellent entry for Spontaneous. Good luck!

  9. I wouldn't say that I don't love cats....I am very allergic to them. Perhaps that is why, whenever I visit someone who has them, they make a beeline straight for me and hop onto my lap. I come home itchy, sneezy and with little bumps all over my arms.

    Your kitty is truly a beauty.


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