04 October 2011

Autumn Tasks.

 One of the many things I love about living in this old house,
is using the fireplaces.
Just imagine, a nice cuppa, coffee or tea, I like both as long as it is hot,
a good book, a cozy fire in the fireplace, and a fat happy cat
(Spontaneous likes the fireplace too, unless it starts popping).
It won't matter if the wind blows cold outside,
we are cozy, safe and warm.
Getting to that blissful spot, however, requires hard work.
We start by hauling the appropriate size logs up from the seasoning pile.
Then we cut to size. Our fireplaces like about 16 inches long the best.
He cuts, I stabilize the wood. 
This is a pile of hard wood from earlier in the year.
Today we are working on soft woods. We burn a little of each.
The soft woods are better to get the fire going,
 or when you are almost ready to let it go out, but not quite. 
Once the fire is going well, the hard woods will keep it that way longer.
Here is our new pile.
Pretty isn't it?
I feel comfortable just looking at it. 
There is a lovely sense of accomplishment sitting on that pallet.
Let the cold winds blow. 
For this morning, my Sweet Husband has the coffee ready.
This stretching kitty scoop was a present from him several years ago. 
Doesn't it just say "Good Morning"?
Now a big Stretch,
my cuppa coffee,
and homework....
As of today, the break is over,
I am back in school.
Once it gets just a little cooler,
even homework won't seem so bad,
in front of that lovely fire.


  1. I remember having to haul wood in while growing up in rural Quebec. No fireplace, but we had a small wood stove. Everyone had a wood stove in their kitchen at that time. (And most probably still do.) I hated it then, of course, but would enjoy the sense of accomplishment and physical activity now.

    BTW, that coffee scoop is absolutely unique and wonderful!

  2. Oh I could smell the coffee!! Lovely!!!

    Take care

  3. that is a really cool coffee scoop...used to live in a home wamred only by the fireplace so have cut my fair share of wood in preparation....

  4. I purchased an electirc log splitter for my adult son, with the proviso that he build me a wood shed and fill it up. That being said, I was just looking at it. He completed this task last April, and I just brought in some old orinetal carpets to protect the floor boards near my wood burning sotve. I set out the tiniest wrought iron log ring ever,and a worought iron and leather sling for holding logs. these two work well and I replentish them every other day in the winter. I may start the fire tonight because the temperatures have dipped down. It might also help to dry out the house. We have had so much rain here on Long Ialand, the stove may serve a double purpose.

  5. Dear Kat, I think the first post of yours I ever commented on was when you shared a clip of your crackling fire.;)
    I MISS my fireplace. So much! It is the only thing I miss from my white house, I wish so I could have taken it with me.;)) In my new home (which is a rental) there is no fireplace and I have made a decision that when we move to a new house, if it has no fireplace, i am having one built.;) Like I did in my white house.;)
    Getting firewood was the only problem, as I had no handy man (then;) that could help me cut up the logs and no yard to have them delivered too, thus I had to buy nets of cut up wood at the DIY stores, which was pricy and highly annoying.
    Enjoy that warm fire with a warm cup and a warm man by your side.;)


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