29 October 2011

Day trip part three, produce stands and home. Contest!

Almost forgot,
we stopped for a picnic lunch before our walk on Heintooga Round Bottom Road
(Don't you just love that name)
We had home made bran muffins with peanut butter.
We headed home after our lovely walk. 
We stopped at a produce stand on the way back down the mountain.
 Isn't this a great harvest display?
There are several stands and each is a little different.
 They have beautiful pumpkins
Some with nice twisty stems.
 An assortment of gourds.
Some of these are quite fantastic.
 There were several different kinds of apples on offer.
We bought some King Lush,
 and some Arkansaw Black apples.
They are organically grown.
They were selling several kinds of grapes too and you could smell them.
 Inside the place is an antique / stuff store.
It is choc-a-block with things.
Here we have an old telephone,
a fire truck peddle car,
and gallons of cider.
 Anyone need an old mountain still?
Just look at this place,
my Mom would have loved it!
 A display of canning jars on window shelves.
 One of the kind gentlemen working at the stand saw me taking photos
and suggested I walk around out back.
This is the view.
 From a different angle.
 This old sign sits out back.
Notice the bird with twirly wings on top?
Just so you know,
I could go for everything on the sign,
except the boiled peanuts.
No thank you!
The last bit of enjoyment for the trip?
German apple pancake made from the King Lush and Arkansas Black apples.
Guess what I am having for breakfast this morning?

Don't forget the contest folks,
It goes till next Wednesday.
I really would like to know who looks at my posts,
and what you think of them.
There are three easy ways to enter the contest.
1. Follow me,
2. If you are already a follower, leave me a comment,
(You can comment on any post between now and Wednesday, I will give one entry per comment)
3. If you do not wish to follow or leave a comment,
send an email too 
tell me what you think.

Can't wait to hear from you,


  1. German apple pancake and bran muffins with peanut butter! Fresh apples, pumpkins, gourds and CIDER!!! Lots and lots of cider!! Awww I'm in heaven!

    Thank you!! take care

  2. that old phone looks like a face you know...smiles. i love stopping at places like this...eclectic and the produce, love it...

  3. Now this is what a fall road trip should be like! Beautiful scenery, a terrific farm stand, and tasty memories the next day!

    I'm glad they told you to go around back and check out the view!

  4. Thanks for taking me on your trip. It was fun and the foliage is so pretty. I, too, am glad you went around back to get the picture with the little house in the middle of all the trees.

    Man! The food looks so delicious. I'd love to have a pancake like that. We don't get those apples here, though.

  5. I sure do like all those pumpkins!

  6. Round Bottom Road? that was named for ME!
    LOVE the pictures, and what a view!
    I never heard of those apple varieties before, but don't you just LOVE getting out and finding the local stuff, instead of picking up a bag of MacIntosh at the A&P?
    Mmmm... those pancakes look amazing. I'm getting hungry.

    We've got SNOW today, how nuts is that?

    Love your blog, Kat!
    I don't comment as often as I should -- sometimes I use my comment time for leaving comments for newbies, to encourage them.

    Happy Halloween!

  7. You have some awesome fall colors/photos here Kat! Our fall colors are almost gone. Soon to be replaced by the white stuff I think. :(

    xo Catherine

  8. Kat, this is fall in all its glorious beauty. Those images are fantastic.;) And the muffins sound heavenly. Love those pumkins.;)
    Happy Halloween and thank you for your always kind comments,


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