11 October 2011

Congaree National Park, a Saturday escape.

Last weekend, we decided to take a break.
We went to Congaree National Park.
It is located near Columbia, SC.
Click on the link here Congaree National Park  for all the details.
Conagree is a relatively young National Park, it was
designated as a National Natural Landmark in the 1970's,
but has only been a National Park since 2003.
There are plenty of things to do at the park,
We decided to go for a walk on the boardwalk.
It is an easy two mile loop. 
Moody and atmospheric,
Especially when you are alone. 
 Cyprus Knees grow up all around the base of cyprus trees.
See the lumps sticking up?
No worries, I don't beleive it is actually haunted,
but this picture looked so moody,
I could not resist.
It is the season!
Photoshop is fun. 
The trees grow in such wierd shapes. 
Nature keeps things interesting. 
 Is it a stray root,
or did someone wander from the path.....
Shelf fungus. 
There is so much to see
it is easy to forget to look up.
Surrounded by peaceful beauty. 
Just a hint of Autumn Color. 
and of course, 
you must appriciate the small things too.  
 A snapping turtle in Weston Lake.
Can you see him, just under the water?
There he is,
I took this with the zoom.
Snapping Turtles bite. 
A smaller turtle swimming near by.
We spent a nice little while watching these guys. 
Looks like a rendezvous
Do you think it is romantic?
All good things must come to an end.
We will certainly go back.
This was one of the most peaceful walks,
just what I needed. 
The bonus,
we stopped for some groceries on the way home
and were greeted with this when we came out.
Just plain lovely.


  1. Pink skies at night, shepherd's delight! Yay!

    Awww what a beautiful park - the trees alone are worth the visit - amazing!!! Love the fungus and those turtles!! Yay!!

    Thanks for sharing these lovely pics! Take care

  2. Yep... It does look sorta' haunted!! Beautiful....

  3. What a beautiful place for a walk! Love the turtles:)

  4. That is a very pretty place! I wonder if it really is haunted?

  5. Wow, you took some great photos. The park is really interesting and looks like an enchanted forest. I kept expecting to see litle elves and fairies. Maybe the snapping turtle scared them off : )

  6. holy cow...you actaully caught me with the ghost...i was zipping right along and pop...wow...haha...looks like a lovely place...nice capture of the turtle too...how cool...


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