19 October 2011

A Fair Deal.

The South Carolina State Fair is going on right now.
Military members and their families get in free.
You can't find a more Fair Deal than that.
(Couldn't resist)
We arrived at lunch time so we decided to hit the food area first.
Oh my goodness,
I see junk food, everywhere.
Some of it looks pretty good,
but I really don't need the extra sugar.
I found a stand selling Greek Gyros.
It was excellent.
I thought they were kidding,
Nope, they really do sell fresh fried butter.
Heart attack anyone?
This little ride is right next to all that junk food.
Looks like a bad combination to me but
the kids on board seemed to enjoy it.
Is that a hat,
or an amusement park?
I think the best part of the fair,
is the entries in different categories.
Guess which quilt is my favorite.
I always manage to find a cat.
Fancy cake decorating.
I love this tree house.
There were plenty of imaginative cakes including
an ice barrel with bottles of beer sticking out.
there were some true works of art.
Unfortunately they were behind glass and poorly lit
you will have to use your imagination.
The pie competition looked mighty tasty too.
I do think my Sweet Husband makes much better looking crusts though.
Someone had a brilliant idea.
In the area with all the cake and pie entries
they set up a cookie stall.
Fresh warm chocolate cookies anyone?
Last but not least in that building
Needlework entries
These Cross Stitches were my favorite
I love the detail but it would take me twenty years to finish one like that.
You can't have a State Fair without animals.
This was a very silly bird.
Phyllis Diller Lives!
(If you don't remember Phyllis Diller, look her up you are in for a treat)
This silly character really liked my camera.
They had a petting zoo complete with a Zebu Steer from India.
Isn't that just the sweetest face?
Paintings and produce.
1954 John Deere Tractor
A couple of artists were building a sand sculpture of the SC State House.
It was pretty impressive,
but I can't help but think it is a bit too much like most government these days.
Mostly for show, not much substance.
There was so much to do
and yes
You could win a giant Jamaican banana.
Had to take a picture of this one.
In honor of a certain relative that I grew up with.
You know who you are.
(I love you anyway big brother.)


  1. Stinky feet!?!? What on earth were they selling? LOL!!

    Awww it looks like a fun filled fair - some great pieces of arts and crafts there too!! Oh but I do draw the line to fried butter! LOL!!!

    The animals are the best! Now I'm off to discover who this adorable Phyllis Diller is! Yay! Take care

  2. Love the photos, the Fair looks like a lot of fun. But deep-fried butter? Fat fried in fat? I can feel my arteries hardening even thinking about it. LOL.

    "Phyllis Diller" is hilarious. :-)

    Love the quilts too, and I think the cross stitch artworks also are amazing. I can barely sew on a button!

  3. omg on that sandcastle...wow...love going to the fair...always so much too see and do...ha on the mix of junk food and rides...bad flash backs there...smiles.

  4. You didn't have any pictures of the long line waiting for deep fried butter? Looks like a really fun place!

  5. Beautiful photographs, Kat. This is a visual treat!

    Oh yes, I remember Phyllis Diller. I just looked her up on Wiki last night to see how old see is. 94! She and others are my generation. Well, I'm not that old yet. I'm only 71. You came over to my blog yesterday and left a comment on my I Almost Got Scammed post. I think I once was following you and then I got a blogger glitch and started over and lost some of my people. Glad to be back.

    Oh, the Carolinas. 2007, April, I moved my disabled daughter and me from Salt Lake City to Raleigh, NC. I thought Raleigh was the closest I could afford to live to get closer to my other 3 children and their families who have settled permanently in No. Virginia. I was wrong, and now my dau. and I are in Harrisonburg, Virginia, not so very far from you! Gorgeous country--the Carolinas and Virginia. This is our last stop!!

    Nice to see you again. Let's keep in touch.
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

  6. What awesome photos of the fair. We have one of these at the beach the end of each summer. very fun.


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