03 July 2010

Summer Mornings and the Good Life.

I woke up to a lovely morning today. My Sweet Hubby made Earl Grey Tea (my favorite). I had my first couple of cups out on the side porch. We sat on the bench, wiggled bare toes, listened to the birds and just enjoyed the moment. It has been quite hot but this morning their is a cool breeze. I can smell the grass my Sweet Hubby mowed yesterday and the Cedars near the driveway. The squirrels are busy elsewhere, but there is a bunny nibbling away at something under the guardian tree. A very fat bumble bee is investigating the railing and our bees are just waking up to the day.
The barn looks great in any season, you can see it from here. The honey suckle vines growing on one side are quite fragrant but I can't smell them this morning. There is green everywhere I look.
My Sweet Hubby planted Impatiens for our porch, we have a pot of pink Impatiens too. They greet you as you come up the steps. Hopefully they will attract a lizard or toad. We have had both living in the planters in previous years.
After we enjoy our tea, I am off with our outgoing mail.
Oops! Sorry their, didn't mean to startle anyone. I think he startled me nearly as much as I startled him. Rabbits are such graceful creatures. They are quite small and very shy.
Down the dirt road, keep your eyes open, I have seen all sorts of wonders in this little stretch. Sometimes, early in the morning when I leave for work, deer will jump across in front of me. A chorus of birds goes from tree to tree ahead of me. I imagine they are singing good day, but it is probably just a warning to other birds that someone is coming.
The mailbox isn't far at all. Once my mail is placed safely within, I put the flag up so our Mail lady will know we have something waiting. The low lying plant behind the box is Kudzu.
Past the meadow on the way back to the house. It is a meadow for now, but it is full of baby pine trees. It will be a forest again, eventually. For now, it is full of little birds and wild flowers.
We are gardening in pots this year. This one has tomatoes and basil. One of my favorite combinations. Have you ever had a tomato and basil sandwich on buttered toast? If not, you are missing out, try it, you will see. Tastes like summer to me.
Once I am back in the house, (looking for another cup of that lovely tea) I find that my Sweet Hubby has been busy. Good things happen when he starts rattling around the kitchen. I think my early morning labors are about to be rewarded!
Yes, indeed, a German Apple Pancake. Served here on blue willow (with plenty of tea). Who would want to go anywhere else? Not me.
I am staying right here for the holiday.
Time to dig in. I have several of my favorite blogs to read and no where I have to go.
Happy Fourth of July!


  1. that apple pancake looks amazing! wow! i can almost smell it...

    had a little baby rabbit come up almost to my foot when we were outside yesterday...was just sitting real still and then he bolted...

  2. Happy 4tgh of July to you and your family Kat. Thank you for the lovely tour and Earl Grey is my favourite too!

  3. Happy 4th of July Kat when it reaches you

    That's a particularly nice pose the rabbit is caught in. It looks much more long legged than ours. My favourite local animal is the hare but you don't see them so often these days unless you know where to go and look.

    Basil and tomato on toast is great.

    I also like tomato, red onion and mozzarella salad drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil and some spots of balsamic vinegar and dressed with some torn basil leaves scattered over the top. A fabulous summer lunch with some crusty bread to mop up the juices.

    While your husband doesn't look completely pleased to have been caught with his 'pinny' or apron on he certainly has some talent on the pancake stakes. That looks fantastic!!!

    Earl grey is one of my favourites too.

    Have a good weekend you two.


  4. What a wonderful way to spend a hazy warm summer's weekend day! You have a beautiful home and I love how you are surrounded by such greenery with all the animals too!

    I hope a lizard or toad or both find homes in your planters - that's just really sweet!

    I must try basil and tomatoes on toast! I've had tomatoes on toast but not with basil. I've also never thought to plant them both together! Now that's a really novel idea for me! So thank you!

    Awww and your hubby is so excellent! Look at that yummy apple cake. Enjoy!!!

    And thank you for sharing these lovely pics! I love your 4th of July frames!

    Happy independence weekend!

    Take care

  5. Everything looks so very pretty down your way...and that bunny sure was scootin'. I hope y'all have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

  6. Early Grey tea and a German Apple Pancake? Is there room on the porch for one more??

  7. You know I like my stay-at-home holidays! :)

    The apple pancake looks delish!

    Hope you are having a Happy Weekend Kat!
    xo Catherine

  8. I just came across this nice older post of yours. Your place is so lovely, Kat, with rabbits and critters....and what a nice hubby you have, not only tea but apple pancake as well.


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