30 June 2010

Summer pass times and being a kid.

When we were kids, one of our favorite things to do in the summer was to go tubing. Tubing involves floating on the inner tube from an old tire. I have fond memories of slow glides down the river with occasional splashes and little rapids. When I was eleven, we moved into a place on the edge of town that was irrigated. We had the "little ditch" bordering our property on one side and the "big ditch" just a hop or two away. The little ditch was never more than about eighteen inches deep and I could jump across it in most places. The big ditch was another story, It could get quite deep and in places was ten to twelve feet (a little more than four meters) across. We had a shortcut from school that involved using a rope swing to go across the big ditch. you could not use it if you had very much to carry, but it felt like grand adventure when you did. It was fairly easy to talk Mom into letting me go tubing alone in the little ditch. The big ditch required at least one other person and a parent at home.
One summer I got to go to Camp Atoka. It was a church sponsored camp for girls. My friend Shannon and I both got to go. We did the usual camp type crafts and woodsy skills. We sang a lot of silly songs including a slightly warped version of "Camp Atoka Girls" sung to the tune of "California Girls" that I wish I could remember all the words for. We also got to go tubing in the river. Oh, my it was wonderful. Once we all got to talking and floated clear down to where the river flows into the reservoir. We had a long walk back but we did not mind a bit.
Yesterday, my Sweet Hubby took me TUBING!! We went to a spot up in North Carolina where you can rent tubes cheaply and into the river we went. There are long smooth stretches, mini rapids, some places where the rocks will bump your bottom and a few spots that are fairly scary. All together, we walked up and floated back down six times. I laughed more yesterday afternoon than I have in years. We both fell off a time or two and we have a few bangs and bumps, but I am smiling just thinking about it. Yesterday afternoon, I dropped, at least temporarily, thirty-three years and I got to share it with my Wonderful Husband.
Guess what, I forgot about taking pictures, not even the planned ones of us next to our big red modern tubes.
Sometimes, you just have to live life and worry about recording it later.
Hope you have a day as wonderful as mine was very soon.


  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful time, especially making new memories and relating to the older ones!

  2. how cool...we used to go tubing a lot as kids as well...waiting ont eh boys to get a bit older so we can take them...cool that you got to share it with your hubby as well.

  3. Ohh I just looove this post! How magical! I love the nostalgia of this and the love! Rediscovering the good parts in your life are often more amazing than the past itself.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. To connect again with something like that is amazing.

    He's a thoughtful guy, your man. 10/10 for that one. I bet he could misbehave for days without retribution on the back of all those +ve vibes! Well done that man!!!

    I'm sure no one would complain that under the circumstances you didn't take any photo's.

    Of course now you know where you can go to do it again........

    you made me smile........Al.

  5. What a fantastic way to free the inner child in you and your husband's too!! And what fun memories of you tubing and staying at a camp with your friend Shannon. These were truly precious times so thank you for sharing them here!


    Take care

  6. What a great post! I have found that summers remind me of wonderful adventures (or the hope of such,) as well.
    Thanks for taking us back with you!

  7. How fun to go tubing! How wonderful to slip back into your youth ~ if even for an afternoon. It sounds like you had so much fun Kat ~ good for you!

    And yup ~ no photos required! :)

    Have a Happy Weekend friend!
    xo Catherine


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