14 June 2010

Carousel at Myrtle Beach, A New Obsession,

This is another one of those times where my obsession for photography really paid off.
My Sweet Hubby and I went down to Myrtle Beach. It was a lovely evening, so we decided to go for a walk after dinner. I as usual, had my camera with me.
This was our first visit to Myrtle Beach and we did not know anything about the area. We expected just a bunch of tourist shops on "Broadway at the Beach".
We found camels and dragons!
This is by far the most interesting carousel I have ever seen.
It was made by Herschell - Spillman back in 1912.
It even has cats! I have seen lions and tigers before,
here we have not just one, but two kitties.
According to the sign posted outside the carousels pavilion, the carousel has been at Myrtle Beach since 1950. (So yes, Zuzana, it is the same one). It has a giraffe.
A very well dressed goat.
These pictures were hard to get as the carousel was moving more often than not. Can you see the details?
I don't know if pigs fly, but I will never hear the saying again without thinking of this guy.
The stork. Ready for the next delivery.
My favorite, another cat of course. Do you see the long haired beauty on the side?
This carousel is certainly inspirational. I have so many ideas in my head. A series of prints for a child's room, or maybe a children's story to explain how they all came to be so peacefully together on the ride.
I spent nearly an hour in front of this thing and my Sweet and Patient Hubby just smiled.
I am a lucky girl!


  1. Oh wow!! How Brilliant!!! What a brilliant carousel - and such works of art - and not just horsies either. Each creature is beautiful, beautiful!!

    Well done for taking such fab pics of these creatures while the carousel was moving! And so glad they're inspiring you to be creative too.

    My favourite is the lion - I love, love, love the detail of the lion's mane!

    Thanks for sharing!
    take care

  2. fascinating. Some nice photos here Kat. I can understand how they took some time to get them but without a camera to help me I don't think I would have been so understanding of an hour spent waiting!

    The modelling and choice of the animals is very different - I have never been a fan of circus genre and have always been slightly squeamish of clowns etc finding them quite macabre - but even I would have to sit on a dragons back and listen for the beat of wings as we moved through the fair.

    thanks for sharing.


  3. That is one of the prettiest carousels I've ever seen.

  4. All the critters are so very pretty! I think you have a wonderful idea, I'd love to hear how they all came together!

  5. What a spectacular carousel! I've never seen anything like it, so it was terrific to see your photos!

  6. Oh what a great idea, yes a childrens book about how they all came together. It is a very interseting carousel.

  7. oh wow. these are fabulous...a work of art that you can play on...smiles. i think the camel is my fav...though the cat a close second...smiles.

  8. wow, that is spectacular, i llove it, i should find it very difficult to decide which one to sit on!!

  9. Oh my goodness ~ that is a beautiful carousel! It's been so many years that I have ridden one but if I saw one like this ~ I for sure would ride it ~ and the kitty one would be my favourite too!


    Hope you have a blissful day Kat!
    xo Catherine

  10. Wow, Kat - those are dazzling carousel animals! Brings out the girl in me to see photos like that!

  11. beautiful
    great carousel

  12. Great photos! I'm also in love with your home. Are there more photos of it in your blog? If so, please direct me. I'm a big fan of old places, antiques, and history.

  13. Those are beautiful figures. I once dated a guy whose father restored old animals. He was amazing. (The father, the son was only so-so.)

  14. What an incredible carousel ... they are one of my favorite things!


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