17 June 2010

List of "Things That Make Me Smile",

1. Soft Summer Evenings on the porch with the scent of Magnolia blossoms gently underscoring the song of the birds and bugs.
2. Long drives with time to stop and take a few photos, the geese a silent surprise, rocking oh so gently on the waves and fireflies that move too fast to photograph.
3. Early morning in the garden, an alert little visitor watches carefully to see just how close I will come, quietly, softly.
4. Bright summer afternoon rewards, hanging in easy reach. They ripen a few at a time, the hunt is part of the fun, giggles are included.
5. A bowl of sunshine, freshly rinsed, a dessert worth waiting for, mouth full of juicy sweetness. The rain that sang me to sleep as it fell softly on our roof not long ago has made them plump.

Bliss is in the moment, find it, catch it, share it.
With thanks to Cat from corner of cats mind for the inspiration,


  1. That is a wonderful list, thanks for sharing the smiles!

  2. a great list and wonderful pictures....love the cute little bunny and fruit off the vine...yum!

  3. This is a great list, everyone made me smile just to think of them. (And I needed a smile today.) Thank you!

  4. Awww! What lovely scenes to make you smile! The fresh berries look so yummy!

    I'm smiling just looking at that sweet bunny! Awww!

    p.s. These are gorgeous pics - the geese silhouettes is very very very pretty!

    take care

  5. Mom and I are so relaxed after reading this.

  6. This lovely post made me smile. I enjoyed every photo that you posted…if only I had that little visitor in my garden. How cute that little bunny is! Thanks for this beautiful post.

  7. Beautiful sentiments complemented by gorgeous images.;)
    The things that make you happy would make me happy too.:)
    Have a "happy" Friday,

  8. A great list and beautiful pictures.

  9. I wonder why it's the little things that can make us the happiest???

    xo Catherine


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