05 June 2010

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,,,,,,

I know, it isn't really a ranch, but I wanted to use the title anyway. While we were away, Summer appeared. This is the first of these little lizards I have seen so far this year. He was hanging out in the rock garden. Hopefully he will stick around and invite friends, they eat bugs.
When I was little, Mom had these in her garden, we called them tiger Lillies. I just know I like them. We have them all over the yard right now.
A close up of my Lavender. I need to spend some time pulling the weeds that are growing up in it and try to encourage it to spread. I love the stuff! I am so glad it does well here.
This blossom is huge. Eight to ten inches across easy. They smell good too.
Now for a little farther away. We have been walking in some new areas lately. This stretch is a new favorite. There are shady woods.
There is a lovely meadow.
I took pictures of two different types of butterflies. I don't know the names of either one, do you?
This one looks as if it is wearing a painted velvet cloak.
We found a treat. We were only able to gather a small handful of ripe ones, but oh my they are good.
I don't really need to explain this one.
There is even a lazy little river that wanders under a bridge.

Spontaneous looks a little grumpy. Guess I better stop and spoil her a little.
Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. I really enjoyed your pictures and I wish we had lizards up this way...would be fun to watch I'll bet! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. sunner is looking pretty good there...i miss lizrds from our time in FL...and the butter fies are divine

  3. Beautiful summer pictures, love them all. Lilies are my favorite flowers, my name in fact means White Lily in Hebrew.;)
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy being at home again,

  4. So lovely to see the photos! I'm itching to take my camera and go hiking, haven't had a chance to get to one of our conservation areas in a few weeks (have only Saturdays available to do that). And I'm not going to have the chance in the next 2 or so weeks, either!

  5. Oh lizards!! Wow!!!! I hope he does bring some friends along and help keep the bugs down!

    Tiger lilies and magnolias and lavender - golly I can just see the swathe of colour and smell the aroma off your beautiful garden!

    Shady woods, lush meadows, lazy rivers and beautiful butterflies (no idea what they are but they are very pretty!!) - make for such gorgeous and dreamy walks.

    I've never seen a mulberry tree/bush? They look ever so tasty! Yum,yum!

    Maybe Spontaneous is grumpy cos she didn't have any berries! LOL! She's so pretty though!

    Lovely pics - thanks for sharing.
    Take care

  6. Love the lizard! A sign of summer. I needed summer badly this year. Black and white kitty (Spontaneous?) is just adorable in that pic!

  7. Beautiful surroundings you have and your house is gorgeous.

  8. love the beauty of nature..
    thank you for showing the varieties and details...
    Cool post,
    cool you!

  9. I'm not sure we even have lizards here in Connecticut but if we did I guess they'd have popped out this weekend what with it having been so darned hot and humid.

    Summer has most definitely come to your neck of the woods and it looks lovely there!

  10. I hope you got Spontaneous to put a smile on her face! :)


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